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What Else Was On: June 2014

December 27, 2014 0

June TV is the height of the doldrums but we were able to find stuff to watch online, both new and in the archives.

Rising Star Finale: Jesse Klinched

August 25, 2014 0

Shocker: the winner of Rising Star was a WGWG who was the frontrunner from the get-go. Was ABC’s music competition experiment worth the effort?

Rising Star: The Semi Finals

August 18, 2014 0

We’re almost at the end of Rising Star, y’all! Sunday, six contestants competed but only four advanced to next week’s Finale. Who wants it the most and who made the wrong song choices?

Rising Star: The Quarter Finals

August 11, 2014 0

We’re down to eight contestants on ABC’s Rising Star. Will America’s fickleness over song choice and power notes prove to be an obstacle?

Rising Star: Round of 13

August 4, 2014 2

Thirteen singers entered the Rising Star arena, but only eight survived. How have the game mechanics shifted as we start entering the endgame?

Rising Star: Live Duels Week 1

July 14, 2014 0

Rising Star enters its next stage as the successful audition contestants start battling each other. Which contestants hit the wall and which ones raise it?

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