About Becca Marshall
Becca has been writing about film and television since convincing her junior high English teacher that comparing and contrasting the film and stage versions of Romero and Juliet was a good idea for a term research paper. After getting her BA in English and film studies, she doubled down on liberal arts and got an MA in television, radio, and film from Syracuse University. Becca is incredibly proud to be an Aggie and entertains her non-Texan friends with Southern colloquialisms. Her hobbies include watching Golden Girls and her interests include all things zombies - she's simple, not basic. Email: becca@whatelseison.tv

Z Nation – Episode 10 “Going Nuclear”

November 16, 2014 0

The Z Nation gang schleps their way through a ham-fisted interpretation of The China Syndrome, except this story would be nominated for numerous Razzies rather than Oscars.

Town of the Living Dead – Episodes 9 & 10

November 6, 2014 0

Town of the Living Dead‘s 9th & 10th episodes show the light and dark sides of indie filmmaking. However, even the dark sides aren’t that dark when they involve the director wearing a wrestling unitard and Mexican wrestling mask.

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