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If you’re on a tight budget, HitFilm Express is a solid pick. It came out on top in our round-up of the best free video editing software, and with good reason. It’s user-friendly, with a great selection of resources and online tutorials, and frequent updates. VideoStudio Ultimate is an outstanding video editing package for beginners on the Windows platform. It’s powerful but easy-to-learn and for anyone who wants to make simple videos quickly without fussing around with complex controls. CyberLink PowerDirector 18 offers accessible-yet-advanced video editing features, wrapped in a brilliant user-friendly package. While PowerDirector is aimed squarely at the consumer market, it also appeals to the most creative and adventurous of amateur filmmakers.

The teacher may also engage with kids in other ways, too, like responding to what they drew in the app, among other things. Over the course of a couple of years, Tappity has developed tools that make it easier and efficient to produce interactive, educational video content. Today, the library includes over 200 science lessons for kids ages 4 to 10, across thousands of videos. HitFilm 4 Express might just be my favorite among the three options I’ve listed here.

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We also judged the packages based on real-life uses for a number of categories, including best overall, best free app, best for beginners, best for YouTube maestros, best for Mac users and best for Windows platforms. People who are looking for a more powerful editor with a variety of built-in resources, responsive technical support and more would be better off dropping some cash on a video editing program. While Premiere Pro works beautifully with Creative Cloud (and if that’s your primary workspace, then we recommend Adobe’s video editing software), Final Cut Pro fits perfectly into the larger Apple ecosystem. It’s built to take advantage of Metal for wicked-fast graphics, and is optimized for Mac Pro. One of the best video editing applications for professional Mac users. Corel has long been a competitor to Adobe for video editing software, and continues that rivalry with VideoStudio Ultimate, an outstanding editing package for beginners on the Windows platform.

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Thousands of YouTubers — including stars such as RocketJump and Film Riot — have used the software to create wildly popular videos. As both an editor and compositor, HitFilm 4 Express is like having Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects in a single package.

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Get yourself the best video editing software, both paid and free, for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. As several of the programs on this page have been updated with newer versions since their initial review, we are currently in the process of re-testing them. At the same time, we are upgrading our testing platforms, from laptops with integrated graphics to those with discrete GPUs. This will better reflect the improvement in performance from apps that can take advantage of discrete graphics cards. We evaluated all of the software based on functionality, ease of use, performance, sharing options and new features in the latest versions.

  • For podcasting, it’ll likely either involve a condenser or a dynamic microphone.
  • Podcast Software, you can subscribe to podcasts, make lists of recently available episodes, and download them.
  • Condensers are perhaps better suited to studio locations, as they bring out a richness in voices.
  • This approach is highly suitable for a workflow that holds multiple soundtracks that are then collated for a single project.
  • It can update or refresh the whole podcasts and even can delete the played ones after a fixed period of time.
  • Clementine can search and download new podcasts automatically.

Apple’s entry-level desktop video editing application can turn your footage and photos into impressive productions. PowerDirector is a fast, full-featured consumer-level video editing program offering all the latest technology support, yet it’s easy to use. While the video clips themselves are pre-recorded, they give the kids the feeling of having a one-on-one interaction with the character on the screen. For example, if the teacher is building something and needs a screwdriver, the kids can pass it to her in the app when she asks. But they’ll also have a lot of other fun options they can do instead, like passing her tape or even throwing pizza at her — and she’ll react.

When it comes to the best video editing software, you can’t get better than Adobe’s industry leading tool Premiere Pro. Available for both Windows and Mac users, this quality software has everything you need to create truly show-stopping video.

That means you can really dress up your videos with SlimDrivers download special effects and animations (2D and 3D!) if you like. Thanks to a series of helpful “getting started” tutorials and a clean, intuitive interface, DaVinci Resolve will have you on your way to creating professional videos in no time. The 5 free video conferencing software reviews are quite honest in their opinion. Many of these are seconded by free video conferencing reviews as well. It is quite evident that for video conferencing involving medium to large groups, ezTalks Meetings will be the ideal option. With outstanding features and ample customer-care support to boot, it is definitely worth trying.

However, not all video editing software is built for the same audience, so you’ll need to think carefully about what you’re looking for. Price is one factor, of course, but most of the software on this list comes in at around $100.

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