Outdoor schooling Learning AT UNI Marburg

When was the Master’s program of adventure and outside training in the Philipps-Universitat Marburg?

As the only university in Germany gives you the Philipps-Universitat Marburg with all the master of adventure and outside schooling a degree system in this field to. We wished to know even more about this really distinctive Ausbildungsmoglichkeit from the field of outside education and have been allowed to examine your well being consultant Martin Lindner request some questions. Thank you to your cooperation!

The Master program journey and outdoor education (AuE) was accredited in WS 2006/2007. Enrollment will take location every single winter semester. Because the summer semester 2001, the Institute of Sports Science and Motology provides the UMR during the quantity of thirty ECTS an additional qualification for the teaching physical education at

What’s the master in journey and outside training at the Philipps-Universitat Marburg exclusive?

The Master course journey and outdoor training includes a one of a kind marketing point in Germany. Students are recruited from all over Germany and from diverse neighboring nations (Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland) .With the adventurous and educational theoretical orientation helps make the course a decisive contribution on the professionalization of adventure and outside schooling in Germany and brings important momentum from the global debate about outside education one particular. The Marburg discussion contributions towards the ratio best case study design of journey and schooling are an integral portion in teaching abroad. In a usual basis a instructor exchanges ought to take place. Colleagues http://www.y2k.umd.edu/ from abroad as guest lecturers and lecturers to Marburg, but additionally the educating workers of your community plan teaches abroad, to ensure that a frequent exchange at global degree takes location.

The shut backlinks involving theory and exemplary practice within the modules is https://www.casestudyanalysis.net/academic-article-writing-help/ represented by graduates on the program like a lifted, considering the fact that over the 1 hand scrutinized the field of adventure and outside training and also allows practice-oriented working experience possible.

How big e would be the interest and demand this Master’s system and the way countless review locations you possibly can deliver yearly?

To the Master’s program of journey and outside education was launched no NC, which was to find out the quantity of doable review spot. Considering winter term 2011/12, a professional aptitude check will take place. All candidates who get at the least 65 from 100 points are going to be admitted. Luckily, the dropout fee has dropped drastically with the start on the aptitude test. Put simply, the Passfahigkeit concerning applicants and the programs supplied has enhanced significantly

Within the last eleven many years have 238 college students enrolled (65% female, 35% manly).. The quantity of applications was at this time about 450

Why is offered, the program journey and outdoor training only being a master and not as a bachelor program?

The Master’s system AuE may perhaps beneath specific disorders ( technically einschlagiger to begin with graduation, aptitude test) are recorded. hence, its a consecutive Studiengang.Bei a bachelor degree plan is it in Germany as a rule is really a basic region of ??research which has a broad scientific basis and avoids excessive Engfuhrung. A specific orientation or depth orientation requires location in the subsequent? Master’s program.

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