Residents urged to evacuate as bushfires burn across state

Residents urged to evacuate as bushfires burn across state The number of wildfires across the northern state of Victoria is at its highest level in more than 60 years, with fire crews battling to quell the blaze. flamingo gold and strip iphone 6 plus 6s plus 3d coque custodia fundas The blaze started on Thursday night in Goulburn, a remote and isolated region about 90km north-east of Port Augusta. It was about 40,000 hectares in size but was said to be the biggest ever in Victoria’s history. damian lillard z4357 hoesjes samsung galaxy s8 1hoesjes8samsung13241 The fire forced around 10,000 people from their homes, and many more had to be evacuated as a result. strong black woman afro word art natural hair melanin poppin iphone 8 hoesjes 1hoesjes8iphone4936 A huge plume of smoke could be seen from the city of Port Augusta on Saturday morning. coque iphone 6 bleu b2508 The fire started from a bushfire near the town of Goulburn, an isolated Aboriginal community of less than 40,000 people north of Port Augusta. snoopy blue wallpaper iphone 6 iphone 6s hoesjes 625hoesjesiphone14639 Residents warned to evacuate as bushfires burn across state A massive man-made blaze has spread into parts of the state, the largest in more than 60 years, causing widespread bushfire damage. tinkerbell little fairy samsung galaxy s10 plus hoesjes 621hoesjessamsung25886 The blaze, which is now about 40,000 hectares, has destroyed more than 18,000 structures. coque harry potter redmi note 8 pro 105v10090 The fires are being fuelled by hot, dry conditions and high winds, and have burned at least 3.8 million hecta바카라 게임res since they began. coque wiko birdy design neymar 105v10045 cover silicone originale iphone 6s h3462 In the last four years, firefighting crews, aided by helicopter units, have destroyed about 4 million hectares of bushland. coque huawei p smart transparente e1665 i love goblins iphone 6 6s hoesjes 1hoesjes6siphone929 Firefighters are working hard 포커to quell the blaze, fighting to halt the spread of the blazes, as well as to secure the community of Port Augusta. Queensland’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said authorities would soon make recommendations to state and federal governments for emergency funding for the new state and federal governm카지노ents. Mr Turnbull confirmed the fires would continue.

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