Suicide bomber kills two in northern iraq

Suicide bomber kills two in northern iraq Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) — Islamic State has killed two Iraqi policemen with a suicide bomb in a village west of Baghdad. Airstrikes destroyed the homes of Iraqi police officers and soldiers, a local source told CNN’s Hamza Hussein. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, said the policeman was killed and the soldier wounded when a suicide bomb rocked the village of Barza al-Furat, on the edge of Salahuddin province, just east of Baghdad. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi tweeted “God’s wrath will never rest on the house of the brave policemen who protect their country.” ISIS claims responsibility for the deadly attack. “The people of Al-Furat killed by the Islamic State are martyred martyrs for the religion of peace,” Abadi wrote in a statement. Hussein, the local source, told CNN that the bomber detonated his explosive vest in the crowd as the policemen arrived to carry out their duties. A local resident in the nearby village 우리카지노of Baqam al-Tahba reported “he heard a loud explosion followed by the screams of terrified people and saw a man lying in the road, with multiple wounds on his neck and abdomen.” “He immediately rushed towards this wounded man and started screaming at him to stop,” he said. “The policeman’s vehicle caught fire and exploded,” he added. Al-Abadi tweeted, “God will punish those who killed policemen and those who attack civil우리카지노ians.” At least 22 people were killed. Islamic State has recently conducted several suicide bomb attacks in northern Iraq. Earlier this week, the group claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in the Iraqi 카지노 사이트capital, Baghdad, that killed at least one person. Earlier this month, it also claimed to have carried out another car bomb attack on the Iraqi capital, which killed at least 26 people and wounded at least 40.

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