Russell brand returns to radio by announcing five new artists

Russell brand returns to radio by announcing five new artists


“The first show is like a dream come true” – Jayne Cogan, The Times

TEST YOU CAN DO: Have something to put on your mind and then listen to all this music without fail!

The Nitty-Sweet Of JME’s JME is coming back to Radio 1 tomorrow, November 16, to air for around 16 mins (starting with ‘Luv You In The Fire’ on 7.11, on the new Top 30 Radio 1 lineup – not including The Nitty-Gritty Dirt), with an exclusive guest feature, live, on the show. It’s the first time JME has been back on Radio 1 since 세종안마울산 출장 안마2012 – and it’s the first time he’s joined the Nitty-Gritty dirtbag mix since that first appearance back in 2015, on The DirtBags’ series The Dirty Dads. Plus, JME brings up some really interesting issues with the current generation of rock stars and his own thoughts on what it means to be a modern-day superstar.


This will be their first show of the year on Radio 1. There was little doubt they were going to do a full set in a showbox this year as they had done all past years, including with the fantastic ‘The Five Six’ special on The DirtBags. But in the light of recent events (some of them bad) and in order to avoid having to play on the 7.41 showbox and to go back to their솔레어 카지노 home base of New York, they have decided to go on Radio One’s Radio One programme, Live & On.

Their first track, ‘Achille,’ will be joined by ‘All the Ghosts.’ They will also introduce JME himself: JME is a huge fan of The Beatles. That said, the live performance is the highlight of the show in this show: JME will play an all encompassing set complete with ‘Wish You Were Here’, which we’re sure will have listeners raving. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, on Radio One, their lead single from this record – ‘Stuck in a Moment’ – will be an encore. It features live vocals from JME himself as he sings, “Stuck in a moment, waiting for someon구리출장마사지e to open the door for me,” in that classic line, from JME’s greates

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