Png opposition says it may challenge 2017 budget

Png opposition says it may challenge 2017 budget The Europ양산출장안마ean Union Commission has not released its 2017 budget until May 20, 2016. The commission announced a proposed budget on April 11, 2017블랙 잭, and promised transparency on where the EU will spend money as well as setting a minimum amount the member states should match. However, an anti-discrimination watchdog group is threatening to file a complaint against a member of the EU executive that “uses racial slurs” when discussing the 2017 budget. “The EU budget committee’s decision should be withdrawn immediately. The European Parliament’s freedom of speech rights are violated asCDC 철도청 카지노 well as our right to raise money by offering our budget to the public for free,” says the complaint letter (PDF).

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