Nelson moves for censure over govt inaction on water issue

Nelson moves for censure over govt inaction on water issue

Bhutan says water issue is the most urgent problem and demands action

MOUNT VINEBRA, BHUTAN >> The Supreme Court of Bhutan has ordered a review of its decision to grant water rights to the water mafia in the Himalayas.

The ruling is a setback for the Himalayan-based multinational multinational Bhutan’s claim that the government should take greater action in this area.

The ruling comes a year after the Supreme Court of Bhutan found that Bhutan was being a water mafia and ordered that the country stop issuing water rights in the Himalayan basin.

Bhutan now has to show that this is the case, says Pratap Pandey, director general at Bhutan Water Action Committee (BWAC).

BWAC is a hum온라인 바카라an rights group based in Bhutan that lobbies for the rights of indigenous tribes.

“We’ve been calling for them for seven years,” Pandey says of Bhutan’s demand for water rights. “The governmen호 게임t, however, has been ignoring us, which has not only raised the costs to us but also left us with no choice but to press on with our case.”

According to the ruling Bhutan is a landlocked society in which people live in semi-civilized lifestyles. The poor living in towns and villages have relatively little access to clean and safe water.

The court found that Bhutan needs to do “all it can to resolve the issue on its own.”

“The authorities lack the knowledge and abilities to make good decisions,” the court ruled. “The main challenge in the water sector now is to improve the current infrastructure and to develop the supply system. The current situation does not allow for this.”

The court ordered a review of the government’s response to complaints.

In an emailed statement to GlobalPost from a New Delhi-based lawyer, Pandey said the government will continue to press forward with its water policy but the court’s action comes as a disappointment, adding that “this move does not take the action that is necessary for the benefit of Bhutanese people, or for the people in our region.”

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