Mixed welcome for pope in nazareth

Mixed welcome for pope in nazareth

(CNSNews.com) – Pope Francis will soon be arriving in his native Nazareth, in Northern Israel, according to the Vatican.

In February, Pope Francis is expected to meet with members of the Jewish National Fund in Jerusalem, followed by a stop at the holy city and a mass in Bethlehem.

While a press release published Tuesday by the Vatican called the trip an “important occasion” of international prayer “that will allow the meeting of the pope and the Jewish community in Nazareth to take place,” the news also included a reminder for the faithful about the role that Israel has historically played as a refuge 골목and in포커 의 신spiration for Christians, Jews and Muslims in Israel:

Pope Francis: Israel has been an inspiration for Christians, Jews, Muslims, an서울 출장 안마d people of all religions – and will continue to do so, because God “sends” that same God to deliver them from the world of sin and ignorance that is coming against them.

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