Farina says losing not an option

Farina says losing not an option.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for him. To see his character get attacked like that, that’s how a normal man would respond. To see a person who has taken responsibility, to see him take control of his body and mind,창원출장샵 to see that, as someone who has been through something like that and felt that there’s no way out, he still had the resolve that if you come with me and you take responsibility for yourself it would be something that you could be proud of and proud of who you are,” she says.

But at this moment she says she is still looking for the right response.

“He might have come out of this like that, but it didn’t matter,” she says. “The fact is that I have a son that I love dearly, and he will go to another man or woman, and they will take care of that child. He needs to be the person that says no to violence, to hold back, to just leave with us.”

The message of Reina is not only to men in crisis. It’s to everyone, says Reina and her mother.

They’ve heard from so many who were involved with domestic violence in their own lives.

“I do know that we are a communit포커y that has all been shocked by this,” she said.

If anyone needs to be reminded about what Reina and Reina’s mom say, say her mom: The onl더킹 카지노y thing that matters is not your victim.

You’re safe now!

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