Early count shows swing to liberals, but overall, Obama edges Romney by 3 points and Republicans win by 5

Early count shows swing to liberals, but overall, Obama edges Romney by 3 points and Republicans win by 5

NEW YORK — Election night has brought a steady drumbeat of buzz from political and policy organizations across the country — from polls, radio interviews, blogs and social media — to announce the results of the Nov. 4 presidential election, and to highlight the wide variety of ways in which Americans voted.

Here’s a sampling of our coverage from around the country.

For those who didn’t watch the broadcast of the election on MSNBC — as that segment was cut short because of what appeared to be a serious technical malfunction — here’s an overview of the political impact of the results, with our interactive analysis, from the University of Virginia Center for Politics:

Our interactive, which focuses on vote share by congressional district — or in this case, swing district — will be updated as more data becomes available. The last update (in April, by data-mined precinct results) showed swing districts had led by 11 to 13 points. In the final day, our numbers showed swing districts led by 10 and 12 points respectively. Here, for instance, is a table from a data-driven estimate by the Center for Politics that estimated the difference in the outcome between Obama and Romney:

In the final analysis, while the final percentages indicate that, for those who were unable to tune in to either party’s broadcast — not to mention watching them, we were forced to move to a live stream on our election tracking site — we have more important political analysis.

We have more important information than most people realize. And you deserve the chance to see and evaluate that.

[Editor’s note: We’ve updated the graphic below to include new data from our tracking site o강원출장마사지 강원출장샵n Tuesday night.]

For those looking for answers about what we mean when we say swing district, we’ve got you covered in our interactive, here. If you’re interested in how swing districts are defined, as a range of pre구미출장샵 구미출장마사지cincts — or if you want to get a better picture of what we meant when we said swing district, please go to www.totemcast.org for our complete coverage 슈퍼 카지노of the elections in each of the swing districts.

To help explain how our findings are different than those of exit polls or television stations, and why some of them are larger than others (like the Democratic-leaning suburban districts of Detroit and Detroit suburbs, where the Democrats led by 14.5 points in the final count), this interactive analysis will show us the difference i

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