Afl announces gold coast suns assistance package

Afl announces gold coast suns assistance package

Afl has launched a three-year package of sun safety packages to help communities cope with rising sun-protection trends, including a gold coast sun prevention package, and an aerial spraying of sunscreen to help reduce skin cancer risks in communities and on the ground.

The Sun Prevention Packages, launched in November 2015, provide $20 million in funding to community groups across Australia to reduce the risks for skin cancer and skin diseases including sunburn, freckles, melanoma and other sun related cancers, as well as to support people with skin conditions.

“As Australia battles with the global outbreak of skin cancer linked to human exposure to ultraviolet radiation, we need to look at ways to reduce the amount of sunlight that we get, to help prevent skin cancer,” said Mr Dreyer.

“All states and territories across Australia must adopt new legislation to reduce exposure to ultraviolet light. We need to provide a standard that’s safe for skin to grow, to protect children with sun exposure, and to ensure everyone’s skin is protected in a healthy way.

“We understand that there’s no silver b성남출장안마ullet but there is a whole lot of sun in our environment and we need to provide products that can provide greater protection against sun damage and a range of other things.”

Mr Dreyer said the sun prevention package represented one of the largest, best funded and most effective measures for reducing skin cancer risk in communities in Australia, and has the backing of the Victorian, Queensland and Northern Territory g퇴폐 마사지overnments as well as Federal, state and Territory governments.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said the Sun Prevention Packages were another important first step in ensuring that Australians were at greater risk of sun-related skin cancer.

“The best way to protect us is not to have the same skin conditions we were faced with a couple of generations ago, but to develop more protective clothing, sunscreen and make-up강릉출장마사지 that will protect us against all the dangerous ultraviolet rays, even in the summer time,” Mr McLachlan said.

“With the support of the Victorian, Queensland and Northern Territory governments, more research will be needed to prove that this plan has any impact and further funding for a wider range of targeted initiatives will be required, but this is an important first step towards making sure we’re going to be protected from sun harm for decades to come.”

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