Laura poole speaks with sa dairyfarmers, milkweed, water and air

Laura poole speaks with sa dairyfarmers, milkweed, water and air. She describes these plants and their habitat and how they interact with humans, with each other and with our own ecological systems, and how we can help them survive in the face of changing environmental conditions and the challenges we face as a society. Dairyfarmer더킹카지노s are individuals and families with strong roots in the 바카라사이트community and farmers are the backbone of their community. They are committed to building communities that thrive and are a source of employment and economic su더킹카지노ccess for our region. Dairyfarmers have been involved in agriculture and are now increasingly involved in community projects. Many share an understanding and trust with others in the community about the needs, interests, and expectations of all communities in an interconnected world. Dairyfarmers work with local communities across South Texas through partnerships with education, development, and advocacy organizations. Farmers have engaged in education outreach and are active in community-building. Dairyfarmers are committed to supporting the economic development of the South Texas food system through agribusiness. They support and develop local food cooperatives, or ‘co-ops.’ More than 25 dairy farms in the South and central Texas work with farmers to provide support to small-scale farmers and to support community-based initiatives that promote the economic development of food systems and communities. Dairy Farmers work to improve the environmental situation, and protect their land and watersheds. They share with residents and the public what happens to the water in their fields and contribute to environmental awareness campaigns. A growing number of farmers are using alternative energies to manage and maintain their systems. Some are turning to biocides, the chemical byproducts that affect plant health, and biowaste products and waste.

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