Fraser endorsed as qld new deputy premier Michaelia Cash

Fraser endorsed as qld new deputy premier Michaelia Cash. She was endorsed by forme바카라사이트r federal minister Alan Finkel, who last 바카라사이트week became the first Aboriginal woman to head the party. “I am here to tell you that, if elected as Qld deputy premier, I intend to build on the progress made by my predecessors,” Ms Cash said. “While this election may be different from others that we’ve had, this is really about the same thing: making the hard decisions, doing the hard things, getting a budget balanced and delivering on those priorities, starting with education, and that’s just the start.” Meanwhile, Ms Cash will spend some time in Sydney as the Labor-NSW Federal election ca카지노 사이트mpaign takes off on Thursday. Her decision to run to replace the veteran MP Mike Nahan, who stepped down on May 1 amid a political storm over his involvement in alleged domestic violence involving a former staffer,

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