Ute driver dies in fiery crash

Ute driver dies in fiery crash

“I was at the beach and I heard something fall over. I thought someone was falling off the boat,” the driver of the car said. “The boat was coming in a circle, and then there was a boom.”

Wearing a yellow windbreaker, the pass카지노 사이트enger in the first car was able to get out of the boat by jumping down.

She described having just left a party where friends were playing volleyball with about a dozen others, about 3 a.m. when she heard a loud crash next to the beach, a high-pressure area.

The woman saw the suspect’s SUV driving out a driveway about half a mile away, with two red-and-black SUVs, at speeds approaching 70 mph,예스카지노 according to the crash report.

The driver of the second vehicle turned right, then backed into the SUV, striking the SUV’s windbreaker, the SUV driver told investigators.

The SUV driver was transported to a hospital, but the second driver didn’t survive.

Officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other agencies responded to the scene for part of Wednesday morning.

Investigators have not identified the victims, but there is strong evidence of intoxication.

No one in the SUV was hurt, but officers took it into custody at about 2 a.m. local time.

While driving, the SUV driver, identified as 27-year-old John N. Johnson of Vancouver, said he was on the beach and had just been to a party to spend a night there, according to the report.

The man drov더킹카지노e the SUV, which also crashed and broke up in the distance.

In the hours leading up to the accident, officers began interviewing witnesses to try to piece together who might have been driving the SUV and when and why it was going at such high speeds, said Sgt. David Hopkinson, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman.

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