Two suspects identified over death of liam davies

Two suspects identified over death of liam davies.

Police say they believe the three men were trying to hide a cache of drugs off the coast of Lough Derg, Co. Monaghan in late Septem우리카지노ber.

They allege that Mr Davies and his colleague, 22-year-old Michael Fain, were leaving the area on a boat when their boat was intercepted by two men in camouflage.

The men say they were armed with assault rifles and shotguns, and that Mr Davies fired at the men with a rifle but not fatally injuring them.

At the time of the confrontation, Mr Davies had been the director of technology for the Irish National Firearms Advisory Council.

Mr Fain was previously in the public interest police have said.

Mr Davies, of Fingal Road, Lough Derg, was found by a passer-by on the shore and pronounced dead at the scene.

An Garda Siochana has been told the investigation continues.

Mr Davies was married with children and the former director of IT for the Irish National Firearms Advisory Council, a charity.

Mr Fain’s parents have been informed.

An independent pathologist who has been informed by gardaí is currently handling the investigation, as is the coroner.

The bodies of Mr Davies and Mr Fain were found on Sunday afternoon.

An early investigation suggested the incident may not have been drug-related at all, but the gardaí have now released the following statement: “No drug-related offence took place in relation to the incident, and no further action is necessary”.

Two arrests

A statement released by Garda Siochana added that an early lead led them to suspect that “the two men in camouflage might have been involved in drug dealing or dealing in drugs for personal gain, which led to an apronxarrest for carrying firearms.

“An investigation into an apparent incident of drug-related offence was launched shortly after the incident to establish if the matter was drug related or not.”

Gardaí confirmed that an investigation was ongoing into an apparent incident of drug-related offence on the Shannon Road in Co. Monaghan on November 1st.

It said th바카라at during the investigation, a number of firearms were seized.

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