Report criticises act public housing scheme

Report criticises act public housing scheme


Cabinet minister Matthew Guy says the Government is taking a tough approach to “vulnerable” people’s homeless status.

The Housing Minister says the controversial pro예스카지노gram was never supposed to be about giving away housing and it would be more appropriate to use the same measure for the homeless to protect the community.

Since it began in April 2011, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) council has had a $2 million grant to place 20 people in 25 privately-run affordable housing in Canberra’s outer north, at a cost of $150,000 a month.

The Federal Government last year changed the rules for those in the scheme to allow them to use the $250 monthly grant to buy or rent an apartment.

Now that has resulted in a lot of people in the ACT being told they’ve become homeless. Cabinet minister Matthew Guy

The program was also criticised in 2012 by homelessness charity Shelter, when it said its study found it had helped only 7 per cent of families in the ACT get out of homelessness.

A spokesman for Mr Guy says th더킹카지노ey were responding to an announcement by then Government leader, Kevin Rudd, to cut off the funds to ACT’s Housing Office after four years.

“We saw in that announcement a very strong commitment to the right to affordable housing and it seems like at a time when it’s very difficult to do that… the Coalition’s policy has been, ‘you have 카지노 사이트to cut the grant’.”

He says many of the recipients of the grant, in fact, had already become homeless.

“I’m not prepared to take a risk to make a decision that would have a lasting impact on the people in the housing in Canberra that are most vulnerable,” Mr Guy says.

He says it will be done by the ACT’s housing minister, David Seymour.

“The Australian Capital Territory council… will be undertaking an independent review into all of this.”

Mr Guy says they will be using the information provided to do their best to make sure it is right.

“We understand there are many, many problems here,” he says.

“We understand people get evicted to other parts of the country or in fact we’ve now done some work in Queensland of people who have had to move, and that’s where the data will come from.

“The government is doing what we’re calling an action plan on this and we’re going to see what they do. We’ve seen the results of their work already.

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