Private rocket blasts off for space station in 2016

Private rocket blasts off for space station in 2016. Photograph: NASA

Facebook Twitter Pinterest A woman walks by the space station as it reaches its docking port, in the southern hemisphere of the Earth. Photograph: NASA

A new Russian cosmonaut in space for about six hours

It’s almost been one month since the first space station was opened for cargo transport. Today the orbiting laboratory is almost halfway there with the first Russian c카지노 사이트osmonaut – Mikhail Kornienko, now 51, a former Soviet military officer – entering into the first ever six-hour spacewalk. This is part of the seven-year mission planned for the new station, from early May 2015 to the end of December 2017.

It marks yet another feat for the Russian space programme; the first cosmonaut to perform an extended spacewalk in orbit is another huge leap in history. A new Russian mission to the ISS – which, coincidentally, is in its sixth year and will still be orbiting at the end of September – is set to follow soon after. The new station’s construction began with the construction of the new Russian space station, which is almost complete – after almost 5m cubic metres of concrete and another 4m cubic metres of kerosene, enough to fill one Olympic-sized swimming pool.

After a three-day space station crew training and check-out at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the crew, which will inc바카라lude Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov, Oleg Novitskiy, Anatoly Ivanishin and Anatoly Korolev, was released from a NASA shuttle ship and transported to the Russian station. The men will stay aboard the station for around 12 days, as the Soviet Union continues to recover from its space shuttle debacle.

With a five-day spacewalk of about 40mft on board, the space station is expected to be ready to be sent for a final spacewalk soon, during the first part of the 2026 orbital mission. In September 2016, a few days after the final spacewalk, the crew are expected to dock with their new orbital outpost, just as on Earth, to make it back into Earth orbit. With one more spacewalk to go, it is now almost one year since they first departed from Earth and entered the ISS.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest A woman visits one of the space station’s cargo vehicles, as seen from inside a NASA cargo ship on the예스카지노 way to the space station. Photograph: NASA/Kirill Kudryav

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