Polluted rivers given all clear to return

Polluted rivers given all clear to return

The World Conservation Union has praised the Thai government’s decision to ban the harvest of all river stoc바카라사이트ks from July 1.

Forced by the Thai government’s decision, around 700,000 people, mostly people living in remote places such as Bhutani and Tichit, have been told to come up with alternative sources of water, the WWF said.

It added that those who decided to use conventional water sources including toilets were 우리카지노also warned to stop.

The WWF said: “This move is the biggest single step the country has taken to curb illegal wildlife poaching, and demonstrates Thailand’s commitment to ending this barbaric practice.

“Thailand is committed to tackling this devastating crime.”

Thailand is the world’s sixth largest fishi우리카지노ng country, but it is also home to over 2,000 illegal sea turtle farms, including illegal “aquatics”, the WWF said.

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