Police find missing car crash driver

Police find missing car crash driver

MILL바카라사이트ER: Injuries from crash are serious, but this is one of the worst. It’s very traumatic… I think it shows there is something wrong, something wrong with somebody. It’s something they should know about.

WILLIAMS: The family member who pulled him over was a family friend of the victim and had a prior criminal arrest for drug offences. The car didn’t belong to the victim’s family.

MILLER: I don’t believe this is a case of the criminal and the police colluding to cover up what happened.

WILLIAMS: The family friend is the only person who was ever charged with a crime in connecapronxtion with this crash. He wasn’t charged with any crime for the accident. But he was charged with impaired driving.

WILLIAMS: No one knows where the car was headed. But the family and friend are upset about the impact that has had.

In the meantime, family members say they’re hopeful this could be the final chapter in their story.


MILLER: They say if they hear something from police after the crash, they will fi더킹카지노nd it. But just because they have someone arrested doesn’t mean they have anyone to blame, because there are so many unanswered questions.

WILLIAMS: The family is planning to hire someone to fly out to Phoenix to meet the victim.


WILLIAMS: But he’s still not there. The family is not blaming his family friend. A spokeswoman for the Phoenix Police Department says it’s too soon to say whether that’s going to be an option.

She says the only way for the family to be certain that his body is there is to fly out from the city of Phoenix.

WILLIAMS: And if they get there to see it, will the family pay for the flight?

WILLIAMS: That’s one question I really want answers to before I get any results here from the police or the medical examiner’s office.

WILLIAMS: For the couple, and their families, it seems pretty clear that justice won’t be served any time soon. They won’t know what happened to the crash victim for a few months. Or it may take decades. Or they might never be fully identified. For now, the family says they’re looking for information.

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