Nrma welcomes government moves to clamp down on repeat drink drunks

Nrma welcomes government moves to clamp down on repeat drink drunks

Budapest city’s “tolerance” to drink more, with residents buying more and visiting bars harder and in more bars – is not helping, say Hungarian economists.

“More alcohol consumption is only a temporary problem, and it will soon be addressed in a different way,” said a note in the Hungarian National Bank’s daily journal in mid-March. The notes are meant to convey views더킹카지노 from other financial institutions on the ongoing economic crisis.

“The central bank’s move is certainly a positive step but will not be enough to fight the alcohol drinking problem and will certainly raise other social problems,” said Hungarian MP Valeriy Gabor and the director of Hungarian Monetary and Economic Association (MCEA), on hi바카라사이트s Facebook page.

More alcohol, and especially drinking on weekends, has “serious public health and economic effects”, the economist’s note added. “The cost of the problem is also relatively cheap compared to the problem’s social consequences.”

The central bank’s move “will only push Hungary further into the dark side of the European and global economies and will not provide relief to those on low wages,” said another note in the same journal.

At the same time, many Hungarians see Hungary’s policy shift as another blow to the European Union, as EU countries in recent decades have adopted tougher alcohol legislation.

Hungary, the country with the highest number of repeat drinkers, and its citizens were the least tolerant of repeat drinking. Those with five or more drinks at least once a week were less than 40 percent tolerant of repeat drinking, while those with zero or two drinks were more than 60 percent tolerant, according to the analysis conducted by the MCEA.

“It is the end of the story for Hungary,” said one member of the MCEA, in an interview with the Hungariansky newspaper. “The rest of Europe and the United States also have such a policy, so it will be interesting to see whether people accept the policy changes or not. But it may be a new trend,” he said.

A spokesman for the Social Democratic-Gr더킹카지노een Party (SDK), who took office in January, declined to comment.

Liam Conway, a former Irish president, said Hungary’s move to tighten laws on repeat drinkers was “completely misguided” and could have a negative impact on Europe’s tourism sector and the tourism industry itself.

“One would expect the country that is leading on alcohol policy to be at the forefront in promoting and supportin

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