Grandstand wednesday august 7th, 6:40 am CT

Grandstand wednesday august 7th, 6:40 am CT

Ticketmaster will be hosting a press event at 7 pm CT today for the new 바카라사이트2015 season. Here’s the list of upcoming tickets:

Vegas 500 Grandstand Tickets (2,000 each):

Fresno 500 Grandstand is an annual race that runs from Aug. 6 through July 4. The 2,000 seating capacity at Grandstand will provide the perfect opportunity to see one of the largapronxest motorsports events in the nation. With the start and finish lines located at the track’s facility, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the motorcade passing by and enjoying all the great atmosphere the Speedway has to offer.

Ticketing Details

Fresno 500 G카지노 사이트randstand is a 4-hour race featuring live performance, three NASCAR races, and other celebrity appearances. Each year, the 500 grandstand draws a record number of fans with over 400,000 spectators attending the race every year.

Tickets for the 2013 season have sold out. Go to for details.

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