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Armed intruders break into room with mother and child

Ed and his family were subjected to a horrifying home coque samsung j5 naruto invasion when masked thugs held a knife to his wife’s throat as she slept next to their five coque samsung j3 2016 footballeur year old son. Picture: David CroslingSource:News Corp Australia

A MOTHER who was sleeping the same room as her young son has endured a night of terror as one of three masked intruders held a knife to her throat and the others carried out coque samsung j5 a robbery in her home.

Trang, coque samsung j3 2016 le roi lion 35, who didn want her last coque samsung galaxy coque autres galaxy samsung j3 silicone marbre name published, and her five year old boy were woken when the male trio, wielding a knife and hammer, broke into the house on Anderson Road, Albion in Melbourne west at about 1.30am on Tuesday.

Trang was threatened with the weapons before the offenders stole two sets of car keys and an iPad, according to Victoria Police.

The victim fiance, Ed, who coque samsung s10 didn want his last name published, told Melbourne radio station 3AW he was woken by Trang screams from another room.

sleep in (another) room so I don wake them up in the morning but I heard her screams, he said.

jumped on the bed and coque samsung galaxy j5 2017 silicone licorne put the knife to coque samsung j3 galaxy 2017 (her) throat while she was sleeping. told the Herald Sun he ran downstairs and yelled better run, you coque samsung galaxie j4 plus rats as the thugs jumped out a window. The boy reportedly but never cried during the invasion.

Ed said Trang had feared for her life, the newspaper reported.

was scared, he said.

hid in the shower. She told me to ring the cops. offenders appeared to be of African appearance and reportedly fled coque telephone samsung j5 2017 disney through nearby Parkland on foot, according to police.

None of the five occupants were physically injured.

A Victoria Police spokesman said they were an aggravated burglary at an address in Albion A neighbouring apartment was also ransacked overnight.

Ed, who didn’t want his last name published, and his family were subjected to a home invasion last night. Picture: David CroslingSource:News Corp Australia

Victoria Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton today told reporters there was a wave of related offending over the New Year period followed by gap samsung galaxy j3 coque 2017 until last weekend and overnight. The Albion incident was the second home invasion by masked African males in two days, according to police. Two men samsung galaxy j3 2017 coque lapin suffered head injuries at the hands of intruders who smashed their way through a window in Taylors Hill, home early yesterday, The Herald Sunreported.

Mr Ashton said at coque iphone 4 silicone stitch least some of those allegedly responsible for several recent home intrusions in Victoria were offenders known to police and vowed to track them down.

kids get out of custody and they back into offending, he said.

got a core group of offenders we have to work on all the time.

they not in custody they offending and so that what can happen. Picture: David CroslingSource:News Corp Australia

Mr Ashton said police had their hands tied when coque samsung j3 2016 cristal it came to dangerous juvenile offenders who pose a risk to the community upon release from detention.

been a frustration for us for some time is we weren given information about when people were coming out of coque samsung j3 2016 miroir pas cher juvenile detention, he said.

the people responsible for juvenile detention wouldn tell us intentionally so we couldn (warn people).

a different story for adult coque samsung j5 2016 phrase offenders, coque huawei mate we obviously know when they coming out and deal with that, but with juvenile offenders we never told.

Mr Ashton coque samsung j5 2015 silicone transparente said that needed to change to ensure community safety and so police can around that coque iphone 4 mickey two ways of looking at it. I would love to get all that information and officers would love to get that information so we not caught coque samsung j7 out, Mr Ashton said. Picture: David CroslingSource:News Corp Australia

According to Mr Ashton, many juvenile offenders organise crime including home invasions online.

get together on social media and people opt in and groups can come together very quickly . which makes the job even harder, he said.

you talking about some core offenders giving a bad name to that whole community. just offend and when not in custody they offend again…

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