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How To Make Iphone Apps

December 28, 2017 By LeslieThis means that if you have code coque iphone newarrival in coque samsung galaxy s7 edge transparent one class that you would like to reuse in another class you can create a subclass. The coque samsung s6 fille ado original class is called the superclass coque pour samsung s8 plus and the subclass gets all the code in the superclass. You can also add additional code to the coque samsung s7 disney coque iphone 6 subclass. Programmers do this all coque samsung galaxy s6 edge femme the time which creates a hierarchy like the graphic at the top of this page.The Super And Self KeywordsIf you haven’t yet groked the relationship between classes coque iphone 5 and objects the details of this can get confusing. For instance, take a look at the init coques iphone xs max override that you get from Xcode’s code library:self = [super init];return self;NOTE I’m assuming you know about how coque samsung note 4 marbre to create classes in Objective C here.While both keywords objects created from the class self references the properties and methods defined in the current class definition while super references coque iphone 8 plus gess the properties and methods defined in the coque iphone 7 8 plus superclass definition.Objects And ClassesLet’s take another look at that init override so we can see the context where we usually see this function.return coque samsung s7 edge seatle 0;Here’s the English version samsung galaxy s6 coque fleur of the code above: we defined a class named MyClass which is a subclass of the coque pour samsung galaxie s5 NSObject class. MyClass is going to override the init function.In the main function we are going to instantiate an object named myObject and write out the myObject name value to the console log.Class Vs ObjectA class is a definition coque iphone 8 silicone bleu pastel of an entity coque samsung a5 (an abstract model) that is made up of coque clear samsung s7 edge definitions for properties and methods. By itself, a class doesn’t do much other than contain a definition.Objects are special variables that are created based on class code definitions. coque samsung note 10 plus mil std 810g You can see how objects are used in the main function above. Typically, you would create many objects based on one class definition.How It Gets ConfusingThis stuff gets confusing because most people think of classes and objects coques s7 samsung as the same coque pour samsung s7 or thing. After all, when you want an object to behave differently you must make changes so rewrite the class definition. So that’s pretty natural. Getting back to the init function though you can see why this gets confusing,self = [super init];..

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