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Price List

If we have to disassemble/reassemble the screen, then there will be an extra $65 charge.

Shipping, Warranty, Turnaround Time: All repairs come with free return shipping (domestic) and a 6 month warranty, unless otherwise specified. Devices are shipped via uninsured USPS first class or priority mail. If you want insurance, then coque samsung a6 we can add $5 for the first $100 worth of insurance, then$2 per $100 thereafter to your invoice. We will reply to your message with the shipping instructions and the current turnaround time (usually 2 5 days). All quotes are valid for 7 days.

We do not offer inspection only! If we give you a quote on iphone 8 plus coque simpsons a repair, then we expect to fix the device or get the data off of it. Only in the event that we cannot service your device, then a $25 inspection fee will apply and the device will coque samsung galaxy s6 porte carte be returned to you, otherwise, the quoted fee will apply. Also, we have a minimum $65 charge for coque samsung s5 elephant all devices that are repaired and not what was originally quoted.

Water Damaged Devices: As a general rule, we do not repair water damaged devices. If the water indicator stickers on the inside of the phone are red, then we will return the device to you for the microscope inspection fee or if we feel that the device is repairable, then we will give you an option of having it repaired for an extra $50 on top of the normal repair cost.

Prior Repair Attempt:Any prior microsoldering logic board repair attempt will be charged an additional $50.

Software Restore:If we need to do a software reset to your phone because you forgot the passcode, then an additional $20 charge will coque samsung s7 edge militaire be applied.

Warranty Repairs:For all warranty repairs, you are responsible for shipping it to us and we be responsible for shipping it back to you. Return shipping insurance is optional. Please see above for pricing.

What are the different no backlight repairs

A backlight problem is when you can feel the device vibrate and/or hear the sounds and can barely see something on the screen if you shine a flashlight on it.

If you damaged the backlight after a DIY screen repair, then samsung galaxy note 8 coque 360 95% of the time, you most likely just coque volkswagen iphone xs need a backlight filter repair. If the backlight just went out one day, then most of the time it a backlight system repair where we coque iphone 8 plus survivor griffin have to replace all of the diodes, capacitors, coils and the backlight chip.

What are the different level no display/no image repairs

A display problem is when you can feel the device vibrate and/or hear the sounds, but when you shine a flashlight on the screen, there is nothing visible at all or whatever is coque samsung a70 shown on the screen is garbled.

What are the different level no power repairs

A no power problem is when iTunes doesn recognize the device, the device doesn vibrate, there are no sounds coming from the phone, no current draw when tested with a USB ammeter and there is no light coming from the screen at all. tristar, u2 ic) problem. Level 2 is everything else, including a shorted power line.

What are the different level data recovery options

Level 1 is any phone that is water damaged, took a hard drop or long screw damage. Level 2 is anything that involves the power management chip (PMIC) or if there has been a prior data recovery attempt on it. Most data recovery repairs are coque samsung s6 gel level 1. We will notify you before doing anything if it greater than level 1.

How does an iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max/11/11 Pro/11 Pro coque iphone 8 plus geometrique Max data recovery or repair work

The iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max are unique phones. Their logic boards consists of two logic boards sandwiched together with a middle connecting layer (interposer), which makes repairing them a lot harder. We still learning about how to best handle these iPhones from a microsoldering perspective. The main problem with these logic boards is that the middle layer gets separated due to a hard drop or the logic board gets bent somehow. Usually, this leads to coque samsung a5 torn pads in the middle layer, which is nearly impossible to repair and warranty. In this instance, then our only option is data recovery because we would not be able to warranty any type of repair. Now, if a capacitor or chip fails, then coque iphone 8 drapeau italien we can usually separate the two logic boards, fix the issue and offer a full repair and warranty. I hadn’t heard of microsoldering before learning that my iPhone needed its. backlight coque de protection s7 samsung filter repaired. I sent these guys a message detailing my problem and heard back from them within minutes. I sent them my broken phone through the post and within 2 weeks they returned it in working order and sent a follow up message, confirming delivery. The whole process was smooth, professional and left me feeling certain that my phone was in good hands. I have the old. iPhone 6plus and it had an issue with s7 edge coque samsung silicone the touch screen a few years back and they fixed it right away with a lifetime warranty. I had to send it back last coque samsung s6 africa month, not only did they stand behind their warranty and fixed the issue free of charge but they also fixed some nagging issues with this phone very reasonably. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their phone repaired, very fair coque samsung note 8 attrape reve and honest!read more

My older iPhone 6s stopped turning on. I took it to the Apple Store hoping it was just the battery, and they said I. needed a new phone. coque samsung a10 I still had data on the phone that wasn’t backed up, so I looked for alternatives. Mike was able to repair the phone and get it back up and running same day! Such a lifesaver! One note, though: I also had the phone battery replaced (since might as well with the phone apart), but I had nothing but trouble with the one that was installed. It would go maybe a few hours before needing to be charged again and using anything GPS would drain 30% 40% in a matter of minutes. It only had a 2% charge when I got it, so I’m guessing it was sitting for a long time and killed the lithium ion. Maybe they don’t have enough turnover on samsung galaxy s7 edge coque iphone xr coque bts older batteries Anyway, I recently replaced the battery on my own, and coque samsung galaxy s5 pas cher fille it is all well again…

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