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While both of those cities’ citizens are predominantly rich, equally have a drastically large populace of weak and homeless. Probably the most major distinction in between the resident demographics is the racial make-up.

Washington, DC, is a “minority vast majority” metropolis, which suggests the the greater part of its citizens are races other than white. In 2009, in accordance to the US Census, fifty five percent of DC people had been labeled as “Black or African American” and 35 per cent of its residents had been labeled as “white. ” London, by contrast, has incredibly several minorities-in 2006, 70 p.c of its inhabitants was “white,” when only 10 per cent was “black.

” The racial demographic discrepancies between the towns is drastic. Even while Washington, DC, and London are key capital metropolitan areas of English-speaking nations in the Western globe, they have quite a few distinctions along with their similarities. They have vastly various histories, artwork cultures, and racial demographics, but they stay similar in their value of living and socioeconomic disparity.

Compare and Contrast Essay Matters: a hundred thirty five Fresh Tips. Writing a examine and contrast essay is one of the simplest responsibilities ever. The only trouble is obtaining a subject matter-factors to look at and distinction, two objects or phenomena that are similar and different at the exact time. However, with the following checklist of ready-to-use compare and contrast essay subjects, it is really not a dilemma anymore.

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Compare and Distinction Essay Subjects for Novices. Handwriting and typing Animals in the zoos and animals in the wild Driving a vehicle and using public transport Making use of Uber and having a cab Touring with close friends and traveling solo Homeschooling and attending a public college Actual physical splendor vs inner magnificence Coffee and electricity beverages Facebook and Twitter Learning in superior faculty and attending university Paper baggage and plastic packaging Providing presents and receiving provides. Compare and Contrast Essay Subject areas: Pure Sciences. Mountains and volcanoes Apples and tomatoes Ants and bees Nuclear electric power vs photo voltaic electric power Rainbows and lightning Frogs and toads Gasoline and biodiesel Melons and citrus fruit Volcanoes and earthquakes Tornadoes and blizzards Sugar and salt.

Comparison and Distinction Essay Topics: Humanities and Social Experiments. Revolution and evolution Christopher Columbus and the 1st astronauts Anorexia and weight problems A sentence and a phrase Online schooling and common education and learning Greek vs Roman mythology Protestantism and Catholicism Socialism and capitalism Poetry and prose Inventions and discoveries Sci-fi and fantasy.

Compare and Distinction Essay Subject areas: Men and women. Justin Bieber and John Lennon Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banking institutions Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Employment William Shakespeare and Petrarch Thomas Hobbes and John Locke Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela Booker T. Washington and W. E.

B. DuBois Thomas Jefferson and John Adams George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus Mom Teresa and Angelina Jolie. Compare/Contrast Essay Subjects: Well-liked Culture. Graffiti and Black Square by Kazimir Malevich Twitter and newspapers OkCupid and Tinder Reality Television set displays and YouTube videos Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings The Starvation Games and Divergent Fashionable dancing and classical or ballroom dancing Tv displays and comedian textbooks Rap and hip-hop The Twilight saga and Dracula Star Trek and Star Wars Facebook opinions and class dialogue.

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