Cover samsung a20e nike How to sell PopSockets with Teespring cover samsung 318h-custodia slim samsung s8-divnyo

Please note PopSockets are a specialty product, so you need to unlock them in the Teespring Launcher in order to sell them. PopSockets are cover iphone 7 alice in wonderland not produced on demand, so users will need to iphone 6 custodia da cintura source a minimum of 100 units in order to sell this product. You have the option to pay for inventory upfront, or you can create a pre order listing and we’ll process orders using the money generated from pre order sales . You must follow the guidelines provided in the design cover iphone 5 amazon template so make sure to download it before submitting your request in the Teespring Launcher. Keep in mind the number of colors featured in your design will impact the base cost of the product; you can submit a 2 color, 3 color, or full color (4+ colors) design. custodia cover samsung Check out our free design collections you can apply to this product as well as our PopSocket inspiration board below. Consider creating phone cases to match your PopSockets this is a great way to promote product collections and increase sales. bracelet perle Part custodia pelle rossa iphone 6 2: Source sell PopSockets Here’s a breakdown of how the process works once you’ve designed your PopSocket. Please note it will take around 7 to 10 business days from the day you submit your request to listing creation. 1. Submit request Once you’ve unlocked this product you’ll see a ‘PopSocket’ product icon in the Teespring Launcher (to unlock new products you need to increase your sales custodia cover samsung s4 count and maintain a good trust score by complying with Teespring’s design policy). Click the icon and fill out the form with your PopSocket characteristics and submit the request. We aim to custodia iphone 6 cover iphone 8 plus bmw process all requests within 24 48 business hours. 2. Pay siti per personalizzare cover setup deposit Once we receive your submission we’ll send you a non refundable deposit payment link. The deposit goes towards the set up fee required to enable the machines to print your custom design. Setup deposits range from $35 for 1 color, $70 for 2 colors and custodia+iphone+7 $105 ebay cover samsung galaxy s3 mini for full color. The setup deposit only needs to be paid once, so if you order additional stock in the future the deposit will be waived. Keep in mind you will only be able to withdraw profits from sales once orders are shipped to customers. 3. Approve quote mockup Once the deposit is paid we will process your request and follow up with a prototype mockup custodia cover samsung s10 and quote for approval. Keep in mind inventory transportation and storage costs are included in video cover samsung galaxy s3 the base cost quoted. 4. Source sell You have two options for sourcing and selling PopSockets with Teespring. Note the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for PopSockets is 100 units. Also, the minimum selling price for PopSockets is $9.99 and the recommended retail price is $15.99 $29.99. Option 1: Pay for inventory upfront When you approve the prototype the next step is to pay for the full inventory order. bague homme Once inventory cover samsung galaxy a3 2015 adidas reaches our facility we’ll take product photos and create the PopSocket listing for cover samsung a50 nera you. We’ll make sure to set the listing to ‘private’ so you can make it public and start selling when you’re ready. You can sell your PopSocket until stock runs out. You will be able to withdraw profits from sales once orders are shipped to customers. custodia iphone Option 2: Run a pre order listing Teespring offers a pre order option for creators who are unsure how much inventory to order or would like to avoid paying for inventory out of pocket. This enables you to avoid the risk of sourcing too much inventory or having to pay for the products upfront. the minimum number of PopSockets you plan to sell. Note the MOQ must be at least 100 units. Next we’ll create a pre order listing for buyers to reserve their PopSocket. The pre order period usually lasts two to four weeks. The limited time aspect can create FOMO (fear of missing out) and result in more orders placed within a short period cover samsung j5 2017 blu of time. We’ll inform buyers cover samsung galaxy a70 of the mini in the box cover samsung galaxy s3 estimated delivery timeline for their order on the listing page and within confirmation emails. We’ll also advise them of the minimum order quantity so if cover samsung j3s the MOQ isn’t reached they’ll understand why their order is canceled. After the pre order period ends (and MOQ is reached), we will deduct the cost of PopSocket inventory from the reservation profit in your Teespring account and place the order. Please note you can withdraw profits once orders are shipped to customers. Depending on the quantity of PopSockets, inventory should arrive within one to two weeks. At that time we’ll send the orders to your buyers. Once orders are dispatched your profit will be available for withdrawal. custodia cover iphone Please note, if you do not achieve the minimum order quantity required by the end of the selling period, all orders will be cancelled and buyers refunded. Also, with pre order listings the quoted base cost is “locked” once approved and will not be adjusted if you sell into the next custodia cover huawei mate 10 price bracket. For example, you chose the base cost for 100 units, and you sell 502 by the time the pre order period ends. In this case your base cost will remain the same and not be adjusted.

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