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Proven Ways to Fix Audio Not custodia samsung s3 neo nero Working on Google Chrome

Win/Mac: Google Chrome Audio Not Working

If Chrome cover samsung j5 2015 silicone morbido 3d audio is not working on your custodia samsung s3 tablet PC, first make sure you cover samsung gt-i9301i have turned on the speaker and it works cover samsung a3 2016 silicone trasparente well. Check it by opening a music app and if you can listen to a song, there may be some settings in your Chrome getting wrong. Look at these five methods.

Not only should you turn on the speaker in your PC, but also the speaker of custodia cover huawei p20 pro the audio/video. Besides, make sure sounds are allowed to play in web pages:

Open Control Panel Network and Internet > Internet Options > cover samsung a5 2015 aliexpress Advanced;

Scroll down custodia cellulare samsung galaxy s3 to find Multimedia cover samsung s5 cavalli and check “Play sounds in web pages”.

Workaround 3: Reset Google Chrome Settings

As I mentioned above, if you can get the sound from other apps or browsers but not from cover samsung galaxy s7 flat Chrome, there may be mistakes in Chrome settings. Thus resetting is also a choice for you.

Open samsung s6 hoesje Chrome, click the More/Three dot button on the upper right;

Click Settings > Advanced > Reset.

This will reset your launch page, pinned tabs and so on, disable all extensions and clear temporary data (such as cookies). However, your bookmarks, history, and saved passwords will not be custodia samsung j 3 cleared.

iPhone/Android: Fix Google Chrome Audio Problems

If Chrome audio is not working on your iPhone, cover samsung supreme Samsung Blackberry etc., we’d like to offer you some other solutions.

Workaround huawei hoesjes 1: cover samsung s5 nero Unmute Your Device

You cover samsung galaxy grand prime nera cannot hear any sound from custodia samsung s5 puro Chrome when your device is muted. So it is ops cover samsung a good way to switch from Mute to Unmute to see if the audio in Chrome works fine.

Android users unmute your device by pulling down the menu and tap custodia cover iphone 7 8 plus Unmute. iOS users have various ways to unmute the phone conveniently:

i. custodia cover samsung a3 On the left edge of an iPhone, there is a switch. You can unmute your phone when no red is showing on the switch.

ii. Pull up Control Center menu and turn up the volume.

iii. Also if you have enabled AssistiveTouch on iPhone, tap Device > Unmute.

Android users have two options to uninstall Chrome: drag the icon of Chrome to trash can, or open Settings > Apps > Chrome > Uninstall. Then install it on Google Play.

You’d better reinstall the newest version, in which there are fewer mistakes after optimized based on the old one.

Workaround 5: Restart Your Device

When the above solutions cannot help you to get sounds in cover samsung a40 con anello Chrome back, you should try to restart your device.

i. Android users can press and hold the Power button, and tap on Restart;

ii. iPhone users can press and hold the Power button, slide to Power Off your device, and again press and hold the Power button until Apple logo appears…

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