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Isabel Allende hopes pandemic will doom

Allende, perhaps best cover iphone 4 peluche pokemon fumetto known for her novel House of the Spirits, has a nonfiction book on feminism cover iphone 11 cover per iphone 6s tumblr coming out in November, entitled Women Want.This year was no exception, but cover bamboo iphone 6 she admits that working efficiently during a global health emergency has been a challenge.In an interview with AFP via video call from her home near San Francisco, Allende talks about her writing process, her vision for a post pandemic world, and what she thinks about recent US protests.Q: How has the pandemic disrupted your routineA: The custodia cover samsung s9 plus pandemic, lockdown, fear of the virus, and all the protests that have taken place custodia book iphone 5s have left people stuck. It not easy. cover iphone 5 homer simpson It happens to me too, but I am very disciplined.Half the battle is showing up at the computer at the same time every day. Look, it possible that what gets done on any given day will be useless. But it doesn matter. That how books get written little by little, and with patience.Q: Has the pandemic influenced your workA: pandemic is going to result in a wave, an avalanche, of new interpretations of our cover samsung galaxy j5 reality not only in the arts, but in philosophy, history, everything. ( But in my case, I need time and a bit of distance to see things.could have written House of the Spirits right after the military coup in Chile in 1973. It took me more than eight years to write it, because I needed that time to process what happened And I think I going to do the same with what miglior cover iphone x 2018 going on now. Have you learned anything during the lockdownA: pandemic has taught me to let go of material things, to help me realize how iphone 7 plus cover silicone little I really need. ( I look around me and I ask myself why there is all this stuff, why custodia iphone x antiurto I cover iphone x con mela need samsung clear view, custodia per galaxy s6 edge more than two plates.I want to figure out who my real friends are, and who I really want to spend time with. What do you think the pandemic is teaching us allA: teaching us to look at our priorities and it showing us our reality. Inequality is the reality how some people spend lockdown on a yacht in the Caribbean, and others go hungry.also teaching us that we are all one big family. What happens to a human being in Wuhan happens to the entire planet, happens to all of us. ( There are no walls, iphone se custodia there are no walls that can separate people.people, artists, scientists, all the young people, many women all are thinking about what the new normal looks like. They don want to go back to what was normal before. This is the most important question of our time: this dream of a different world. We have to get to it. How would that new world be differentA: would be the end of the patriarchy. These brutish men who rule the world would be run out. It would mean a world in which men and women share equally in running the planet. ( it not be violence and custodia cover huawei p9 greed that rules the world, but solidarity, compassion and hope. This is the world that we custodia samsung galaxy a 40 want, a world in which there is respect for nature and for other species.people are going to inherit a world that we torn apart. They are the ones who must save the planet, if it can be saved. I hope they have a positive solution. What do you think of the recent protests in the United StatesA: protests are about racial justice and that is iphone 6s cover amazon directly linked to the issue of poverty.are the poorest people in this country Who are the ones with worse health care, fewer jobs, who suffer more police brutality, who are jailed more often African Americans.think these outbursts of protest custodia lifeproof iphone 5s are going to start happening everything. There is a tremendous global economic crisis. And custodia iphone riva that is going to lead to more unemployment, custodia silicone iphone xr more poverty and, therefore, more violence.will be more protests huge protests.problems cannot be resolved with bullets or tear gas. They only be resolved by tackling the root causes. These are deep seated problems, that date back to the era of slavery…

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