Us military tribunals face supreme court challenge over treatment of transgender Americans

Us military tribunals face supreme court challenge over treatment of transgender Americans

After the Obama administration announced a broad move by the Pentagon to phase out its ban on transgender service members, more than a dozen transgender people from around the country submitted an open letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter requesting access to health care, including hormones, surgeries, sex reassignment surgeries and surgeries that alter the gender identity of the person.

The letter, written by transgender women in four states who sought the help of an organization called the Armed Services Network, said they faced “inadequate healthcare options for gender transition,” were “not permitted access t바카라사이트o military health care services and were denied access to mental health services” and would likely lose their health benefits as a result.

The transgender people in the letter said there had been little improvement since the Obama administration decided to phase out transgender people’s service. They wrote that they “feel as though they are victims.”

“We must be a 바카라force for change in a military that is being attacked,” the letter said.

The letter’s authors suggested that the ban on transgender service members could violate the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of “due process of바카라 law.”


“We also feel that transgender individuals have the right to receive equal treatment with other military personnel and with the people of the U.S.,” the letter said. “In light of these issues, we are deeply concerned that the policy will likely impact the healthcare of transgender Americans — who are disproportionately and seriously affected by healthcare disparities and barriers to care. We ask you to take action quickly to ensure the lives of transgender Americans are respected and protected.”

“In the interest of making sure all our men and women who serve honorably, without fear of discrimination and without a fear of retaliation from superiors or superiors, have access to the services and facilities they need to fulfill that duty,” the letter continued, “we ask that the President convene a Pentagonwide task force with representatives from the executive, legislative, academic and military branches in order to come to consensus on how the Department of Defense may deal with this important issue.”

The military has been scrambling since last year to find replacements for more than 4,800 members who have recently retired for any reason.

The move, under which the military had until July 1 to let some transgender service members receive their benefits, has triggered anger and protests by some Republicans and some Democrats, who have called the president a “warrior” who is making matters worse by trying to ease the military’s problems.

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