Family of five rescued after boat capsizes in queensland

Fam바카라ily of five rescued after boat capsizes in queensland

A grandmother and eight grandchildren were rescued Sunday night after their canoe capsized off Queenstown, according to the Queenstown Search and Rescue.

The children were playing in a lake and an ice boat came close to hitting the family boat.

A woman from Queenstown’s Dunguorjoua Beach was walking a dog in the field around the time of the incident and saw the families.

“She saw the boat that had just capsized around them and it was really scary. It looked like a small wooden boat,” said Mrs. Christine Schoep, who was visiting with her daughter.

“We walked over and looked at the kids and said, ‘I just want to make sure they’re alright because they look really little.’ Then, I looked out of the window and바카라사이트 I heard a lot of people yelling, ‘Help!’ but they didn’t need to ask, because they had all got out and were making for a safe spot.”

“I told them, ‘I’m not going anywhere if you get out of the water,’ and so I just started to look out the window, I grabbed my daughter and we were like, ‘OK, let’s do it’,” said the grandmother.

As the children swam away they heard another man say, “Help is on it!”

By this time, the two mothers and children were gone and rescuers couldn’t find their boat or find the woman on her cell phone.

“It’s really hard to get lost when you have children around,” said Mrs. Schoep. “The kids looked very different with their little headgear, their hat and the hat they were wearing. They looked so small, which is really scary.”

Her daughter was with the children after she got out of the boat and “they were all in one piece.”

The children were reunited with their grandmother and a grand-mother who rescued the children from the ice.

The mother has been charged with four counts of abandoning children in cold water and one count of reckless behaviour.

Anyone with information about the boat that sank can contact police at 바카라사이트951-546-6733.


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