Police seek help over road crash on New Hampshire Avenue

Po더킹카지노lice seek help over road crash on New Hampshire Avenue

The accident happened near South Shore Drive just after 10 p.m. The victim was in a BMW minivan that was traveling west on New Hampshire Avenue and pulled over at South Shore Drive to look for police on patrol, police said. Witnesses said there was a large gap in the truck’s cab so the driver lost control.


Officers located the crash scene about four minutes after the initial crash. It appears the suspect driver lost control of the vehicle and fell into a ravine, the New Hampshire State Police said.

The vehicle that struck the victim went into damage control.

NPS said the suspect who was struck has been detained in lieu of $1 million bail. A person wanted for the incident, a 44-year-old woman, was arrested without incident Monday night.


The Massachusetts State Police said a trooper who was driving along New Hampshire Avenue stopped a 2010 Pontiac Bonneville in the area of the crash and was in우리카지노vestigating after receiving reports of debris coming from the roadway.

Trooper James P. O’Neil was the바카라사이트 first to arrive at the crash scene. He said that an estimated 200 feet or so off of the road, the driver of the car pulled out of a turn and fell onto a dirt ravine.

“It’s the most horrendous thing ever,” O’Neil said. “I’m almost going mad.”

He said that witnesses said there were some holes on the driver’s side door.

“They don’t believe you could lose control,” O’Neil said of the victims who were struck. “I don’t understand a thing, I just feel it. You never really think, there’s a bullet hit the engine that it will explode. You’re just shocked you’ve got to know that at this age.”

The driver and the passenger of the Pontiac have not been identified.


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