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One’s email inbox should never be an economic indicator all its own. These days, cover iphone 6 plus mini in the box though, it’s impossible to keep up with the firehose of downgrade alerts blasting cover per iphone 7 trasparente your way an enormous rush of bad news that tells a bigger story.

Even in the darkest days of 2008, the red pen brigades at Moody’s, S Global and Fitch were never cover samsung galaxy j7 2016 glitter this busy warning of carnage to come. As COVID 19 fallout spreads, world leaders, cities, CEOs and hedge funds slim cover iphone x exposed to this plethora of red ink are all desperate to catch a breath and a break. and China lock horns in an increasingly ugly and enduring brawl. and China are, CRISTIANO RONALDO JUVENTUS 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus after NEW REAL MADRID MARBLE LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus all, the common thread that links this raging bull market in downgrades from the city of Hong Kong to SoftBank to ExxonMobil to Lufthansa. iphone 6 cover store The casualties list goes on and on and on.

Yes, the coronavirus may be the accelerant, but cover iphone 5 con simpsons the clash between the world’s two largest economies has put cover iphone 4 per migliori amiche the global financial system on a decidedly weak footing. The fallout contributed, for example, to Japan’s 7.1% plunge in fourth quarter cover gel iphone 6 gross domestic product. It also took a steady, but consistent toll on growth and investor confidence from TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS NHL LOGO cover samsung galaxi 7 Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus South Korea to Indonesia. And then COVID 19 arrived to exacerbate those cracks, and spectacularly so.

We’ll leave to history to sort out whether the coronavirus crisis would’ve been easier to address if Trump and Xi Jinping hadn’t been at odds with one another. election ensures cover samsung a5 2016 nero an even bigger brawl between the Group of Two economic cover iphone 6 vettoriale superpowers.

Trump had HALLOWEEN HORROR SCARY MOVIE Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus planned to run on a roaring economy. Now, growth is cratering, and Trump’s deer in the headlights COVID 19 response is being roundly criticized. So, Team METALLICA HEAVY METAL ROCK Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Trump has cover samsung sm t311 pivoted to cover iphone 5 starbucks an overarching blame China reelection strategy.

Look, posterity will not likely be kind on Xi’s government. Its reaction to a iphone cover wallpaper pandemic tied to Wuhan, China warrants further NEW YORK RANGERS 3 Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus investigation. But Trump can hardly blame Beijing for his dismissing the coronavirus as a “hoax” and ignoring his advisors. Officials from Seoul to Berlin had no such problem sensing and cover iphone 7 black friday tackling the health crisis to come.

That won’t stop Trump from making China the central issue as he competes against Democrat Joe Biden. Even now, before Trump Vs. tenere iphone senza cover China intensifies, analysts at Fitch Ratings expect an JURASSIC PARK THE DOOR Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus “unparalleled” post war global contraction of 3.9%. The eurozone will be 7% in the red, while China will contract more than 1%. China’s sharp downshift, Fitch says, will POLO RL COMPANY MARBLE Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus contribute to emerging markets being “hit hard.”

Yet economists should keep those red pens at the ready as Trump tightens the noose on China’s economy.

With Congress busy trying to save small businesses, Trump’s White House will use any levers at its disposal to use China to bolster his image. That could mean additional or higher SHAWN MENDES 59 Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus tariffs on mainland imports. Or, might FINDING DORY HANK Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Trump give more Chinese companies the Huawei Technologies treatment He could easily expand his banned companies list.

Trump might think now is the perfect time to pull the trigger on 25% taxes on imports of cars and auto parts. It would upend the supply chains on which Japan, Korea, Thailand and other economies rely, too. As sales tank at General cover samsung galaxy a5 2017 portafoglio Motors, Ford and elsewhere, Trump will look for quick and easy ways MERCEDES BENZ CAR LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to woo Michigan voters.

Dollar policy is also worth watching. Trump has a long track record of complaining that Asia takes advantage via weak exchange rates. In the 1980s, Japan was the subject of Trump’s ire. That was ATLANTA BRAVES BASEBALL MLB Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus back when the New York real estate mogul owned,ironically, the Plaza Hotel, site of the “Plaza Accord” to strengthen the yen.

China has long since replaced Japan in cover samsung galaxy tab e t560 Trump’s crosshairs. What better iphone 6s gold cover way to kick China when it’s down than to order a 10% dollar depreciation Sure, this is the stuff of developing nations. But given how Trump has bullied Congress, the judiciary, environmental protection agencies, the military and the press, this seems only a matter of time.

Xi, of course, has any number of ways to retaliate. car sales in China or impose an Airbus only policy on airlines and transport companies. He cover per iphone xr apple could slap a tax on every worker employed in the mainland by an American company. Beijing could tell Apple, Chevron, Gap, General Electric, JP Morgan Chase, McDonald’s, Nike, Tesla and Wal Mart they have CHICAGO BULLS LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 10 days to shut down all operations.

Xi, remember, faces his own set of troubles at home. Communist Party power brokers know all too cover iphone 7 arte well how China’s global soft power has been taking some heavy blows recently. Not to mention the risk that 1.4 billion mainlanders might start to become frustrated about the worst Chinese economy in 30 years.

Wherever 2020 takes us, the Trump Vs. China reality show is only just beginning. This clash would be dangerous zizo bolt cover BMW M STRIPE LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus iphone 7 plus enough if not for the deadly pandemic causing the human equivalent of a credit crunch. But as Trump battles to get reelected and China works to downplay its inability to contain the pandemic, expect a collision the likes PHILADELPHIA EAGLES NFL Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus of which investors or our inboxes have never seen….

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