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When Huawei announced the Huawei P10 at this years Mobile World Congress at the end of February, the first thing you’ll notice on the Huawei P10 priced at 549 is the display as it’s the cover iphone 5s con scritte first thing you see when you open the box, and once you power it on you’ll immediately notice how good it is.

This is a 5.1 inch IPS NEO LCD screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 and it’s protected by Gorilla Glass 5, and although this is only Full HD, it seems like it’s higher resolution and I was quite impressed at how nice the display was compared to other FHD smartphones out there. Paired with that CPU is a Mali G71 MP8 GPU for the graphics processing, as acquista cover online well as 4GB of RAM for memory to handle multitasking, games and more with 64GB of storage aswell. For the software, Huawei has used Android 7.0 Nougat so the phone is running on just about the newest version of Android that’s available, and it’s running on Huawei’s most recent version of their user interface, which is EMUI 5.1.

The P10 comes with a 3,200mAh battery inside that’s non removable which is nothing new from Huawei as most of their phones carry this kind of battery. 3,200mAh is not the largest smart phone battery out there by any means, but Huawei’s software along cover iphone 5c in silicone with the power saving benefits of Android 7.0 Nougat help to make the battery life on the P10 fairly long lasting, and the device also supports USB Type C and it charges fast so even if you do tend to run out of battery power sooner than you were expecting you’ll be able to charge the battery back up pretty quickly. You also have a 3.5mm audio port for plugging in headphones, though you can also connect headphones via Bluetooth. While most of the specs are decent and some are over and above improvements compared to last year’s Huawei P9, the real bread and butter for many will come from the camera sensors that Huawei has chosen to use here. The P10, like the P9, comes equipped cover da fare with two rear camera sensors and an enhanced set of photography features that will play well with picture enthusiasts. The P10 sports both a 20 megapixel monochrome sensor and a 12 megapixel RGB sensor that will offer users a wide array of picture options.

The display used on the P10 may still be Full HD just like its predecessor from last year, but that shouldn’t take away from the brilliance that it carries and after ELMO SAY HELLO SESAME STREET Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover using it for a brief period of time it becomes very apparent SCOOBY DOO 3 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that Huawei has used a great display panel here. It’s bright and vivid and it was quite easy to use even in cover legno iphone direct sunlight, though that also doesn’t meant that there is absolutely no glare at all if using the device outside during a bright day.

Moving JUVENTUS FC JERSEY Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus past this, even though this isn’t a Super AMOLED panel which generally are held in the highest regard when it comes to colour saturation, the screen on the P10 actually produces some really good colours that pop off the screen more than you would expect from this type of display technology.

USB Type C charging cable, headphones, sim eject tool, Fast charger and a clear case ( as this is a review sample I have the European charger no the normal UK plug)

Blacks were also quite a bit deeper than on other IPS displays, and of course there was absolutely no issues with the digitizer here, which is as to be expected since the P10 is a flagship device from Huawei and although it does come in at a lower cost than competing flagships in the high end tier, it still commands a fairly decent price from consumers. Although the screen looks great on the P10 as is if left alone, Huawei has also incorporated the option to change the colour temperature of the display if preferred, and users can switch things to be more cool or more warm to adjust the saturation a little bit, or it can be left on default if you don’t want cover samsung wolverine to mess with things, and you can also move away from the preconfigured options by tapping the colour circle where you want to set the temperature.

It’s nice to see Huawei continuing to add this capability in their devices as it gives more control to the user on how they want their device to look.

Huawei’s build quality and design for their high end devices is as always, impeccable, and it really comes through with the P10. This is one stunning device and although it’s definitely hard to ignore that it carries a little bit of an iPhone like design, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The phone looks good, and Huawei knows it, and they shouldn’t feel ashamed as MAGPUL PUNISHER NEW Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus they’re designers have come up with something truly eye catching. What’s more is that it comes in a myriad of colour choices which only adds to the allure, and some of those colours even come with a Hyper Diamond Cut design pattern on the back which adds a little bit of rigidity and some texture to the phone. This is a good thing considering the phone is made out of metal, with devices can sometimes feel a little more slick than devices made with other materials. As a side note, this didn’t really seem to be a problem for me with the P10 black model even though it doesn’t have the Hyper Diamond Cut design.

While the P10 looks similar to last year’s model that Huawei P9, like the dual camera sensors on the back as these are in the same place, there are some things which are different. The fingerprint sensor for sito cover samsung example, has been moved to the front of the device and now resides in the home button that sits in the screen’s bottom bezel instead of being on the back underneath the rear camera sensors.

USB Type C charging port and 3.5mm audio port

On the bottom you’ll find one single speaker, the USB Type C charging port, and the 3.5mm audio port for headphones. On the right side you have the power button, which comes with a textured feel to it making it easy to distinguish from the volume rocker if you’re ZOMBIE ALICE IN WONDERLAND Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus trying to hit the button before pulling it out of your pocket, and of course the volume buttons are on this same side. With the power button in particular you can see how much attention to detail Huawei puts into the design aspect when manufacturing a device.

The button is black but also comes with a red border although there is no other use of red on the phone at all, and this is CHIVAS GUADALAJARA LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus just a subtle touch to the design but it really does add that something extra.

On the left, you have the SIM card tray while there are no ports or buttons up top.

Performance is not an issue with this device, not in the slightest. Although the phone doesn’t perform the absolute best when it comes to the benchmarks HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (more on that in the iphone smart cover benchmark section), this means very little with this calibre of device as it performs exceptionally well and real world use will make this evident. During everyday use for things like opening up the camera and taking pictures, or having multiple apps open in the background, and even just browsing social media which is usually a big memory hog, the phone continues to feel snappy and responsive with seemingly no slowdown.

If you are a users like myself, who also tend to play a lot of mobile games on their device, this is really where I was looking to see how the Huawei P10 would perform, and it certainly did not disappoint in this area.

Need For Speed celly cover samsung s6 No Limits and other need graphic titles, all have high quality three dimensional visuals. During play of any OFF WHITE HYPEBEAST Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus of these games the phone played through fluidly and although it did get a little warm, this cover iphone 6 juventus is to be expected when you’re doing any task on a smart phone that is as demanding as gaming. When it comes down to it, the Huawei P10 can keep it up with the best of them and it does so with plenty of style and rather effortlessly. This is really no change from Huawei’s other high end phones, but it’s also likely at least in part a product of having Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.1 running on the device as these are both more efficient than past versions of their respective software.

The fingerprint sensor used in MINI COOPER S LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus the Huawei P10 is of top quality and users should have no problems with it. If I had one complaint and it only one, it’s over Huawei’s decision to move the fingerprint sensor to the front of the device and place it at the bottom of the screen within the lens cover samsung s7 home button.

With the way I personally hold smartphones, using the fingerprint sensor just feels more natural when it’s on the back like I have on my own P9 from last year, but this is a personal preference and not a AIR JORDAN SNEAKERS Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus reflection of how it works, and there are many users who will actually prefer this placement to being on the back of the device.

The battery inside of the Huawei P10 is a 3,200mAh battery so it’s more than most smartphones in its size range, and due to the Android 7.0 Nougat software as well as Huawei’s own EMUI 5.1 software the battery life is pretty good. Better than most actually, although this is also due to Huawei’s adjustments to the software that help it optimize the battery life to extend it. cover adidas iphone 6s Beyond the standard battery optimizations that are utilized out of the box, Huawei employs a special set of battery optimizations that can help you extend the battery life even if you need to keep the device going. If you utilize this feature you can easily get a huge chunk of extra time out of the phone before you need to plug the device back in, and even then the P10 supports quick charging so it’ll get quite a bit of battery life in no time at all.

During the past week or so I would use the phone fairly average most days, which consisted of browsing social networks, emails, the occasional movie, and some pictures as well as a few hours of gaming here and there. While I didn’t really use the phone extremely heavily, I did use it a fair amount and I was able to take it through the entire day THE PUNISHER MARVEL MOVIE Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus without having to worry about plugging it in.

Overall, there was no issue with battery life here and Huawei has engineered quite an impressive device when it comes to the battery. Although it’s nice to have a phone with great specs and powerful hardware, the battery life has been one of the more overlooked aspects in recent years and should be the most important element for the majority of consumers, as you can’t use your device with a dead battery. Thankfully, Huawei best cover iphone se believes heavily in cover iphone 7 cellular line having a phone that is more than capable of lasting at least a day or mini in the box cover iphone 6s more without having to charge it, and they have come through with the P10 in this regard. No average I got between 6 hours and 7 hours of onscreen time.

Huawei has always used their own software on top of Android and their latest flavour to accompany Nougat is EMUI 5.1. There isn’t a major change in the swarovski cover samsung s5 actual look of the software as it looks a lot like the last version that can be seen on previous flagships from 2016, but it does come with some nice adds and this is definitely one of my favourite software user interfaces cover iphone 5 nera opaca now having spent more time with it. When it comes to differentiating themselves from stock Android, Huawei puts plenty of little touches into the software that set it apart.

One of these aspects can be seen straight from the lock screen before you unlock the device. In the bottom right corner you’ll have a quick access button that will launch the camera if you slide up on the display from this point, and on the left side you can see the time and date, but if you slide up from the very bottom edge where the time and date is you can bring up a navigational task cover stampa foto iphone bar that has even more quick access shortcuts that will open up following a device unlock, and this is a nice touch as it makes getting to things quick and easy. The shortcuts that are present here are for the sound recorder, the calculator, the flashlight, setting an alarm, and a QR Code scanner. Just above these shortcuts cover samsung s5 puro are a series of other buttons as well which have completely different functions, like a button to enable Huawei Share, and a button for getting to your photos. Not everyone will use this feature, but it’s a nifty functionality that many will definitely appreciate especially since you can get to it from the lock screen.

Icons and folders of course look pretty much the same as they do with EMUI 5.0, but again this isn’t a bad thing as the design of the icons and folders is pretty decent. You can even change the looks of the icons and the home screen a little bit by applying one of a handful of different themes that are available with Huawei’s built in theme chooser, which will change the looks of the icons slightly but also change the colour of them to match the overall theme colour, and you get a matching background. Other less noticeable software adjustments have been incorporated into the device that many users are sure to miss if they have never used a Huawei device before, let alone a more recent one. Like the “Eye comfort” feature for example, which filters out blue light so it’s easier on the eyes when using the phone in darker lit rooms. This is something that is starting to make its way onto a lot of phones actually, but last year and before it was more scarce. There is also DRAGON BALL Z X BAPE CAMO Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover a floating dock that you can enable that gives you access to things like an app cleaner which clears open apps when pressed, a lock button that you can tap, and then it also has the navigational buttons included too, though these three buttons and the lock button feel redundant, as the navigational buttons are already present at the bottom of the display, and tapping the power button will also lock the device. This doesn’t seem to be configurable so you’re unfortunately stuck with those options. If you do like the idea of having it though, you can enable this from the quick settings menu or from the regular settings menu, which is the same for enabling and iphone 7 cover case disabling the Eye Comfort feature.

Huawei also employs a number of gestures within the software which is certainly one of the benefits of DETROIT TIGERS 3 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus EMUI. You can do things like FENDER GUITAR AMPLIFIER 3 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus flip the phone to mute it or pick up the device to reduce the ring volume. These are part of the motion gestures, but the P10 also has knuckle gestures available that allow you to use your knuckles for taking screenshots, and you can draw various letters to open up applications from the lock screen. For instance, drawing a letter c would open up the camera, while drawing a letter e would open up Chrome and drawing a letter w would open up the weather. These are also just the default settings, and if you prefer these letters to open up other functions or apps you can configure them to cover samsung s5 in silicone do so, as Huawei is giving you a decent amount of control for this particular feature set. You also have other nice touches like the one handed UI feature which can enable the shifting keyboard. If you’re a right handed or left handed user, you can turn this feature on and shift the keyboard to whichever side suits you best. Though this only works with Huawei input methods and not third party keyboards. Overall, EMUI 5.1 with Android 7.0 Nougat offers up a nice experience, and although it may be a bit different from some are used to, it’s actually pretty nice and not that hard to become acquainted with.

Sound quality on the device was pretty good and there were really no complaints, although the device does only have one speaker and it could always be better. That being said, this is still a smart phone and it shouldn’t be expected to carry the absolute best sound you’ll find in consumer electronics, but that also doesn’t mean it has to be bad, and it’s really not. On the contrary it’s actually quite good and this is in spite of only having one speaker.

What’s more is that Huawei’s placement of this keeps it from being covered up by my palm when holding it in landscape mode for playing games or watching videos, a common issue. If you truly want excellent sound on a smart phone UNDER ARMOUR PINK LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus though, you’re still going to have to plug in a pair of high quality headphones or cover iphone 6 breaking bad connect a really nice speaker as smart phone speakers can only take things so far. In short, users won’t be disappointed with the audio on the P10….

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