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Top 10 Travel Influencers in Singapore

I do travel blogging and vlogging I don think it will be that hard, all I have bague en or blanc avec emeraude to do is constantly record my moments with a good camera! And then when i get home, I just have to edit and compile bague en or avec diamant noir the pictures and/or videos, add music to the videos, and do a short writeup about the trip! times, many of us speak of starting a travel blog and doing travel offre speciale personnalise belle dauphin bracelet ensemble 2 piece ensemble pour les femmes a la vlogs, but how many of us actually take the time to do it How many of us tried to start doing vlogs, only to throw in the towel halfway How many of us start travel blogs, only to stop being active bloggers after a short period of time How many of us get so caught up with activities overseas, that we realise we do not skyrim bague en or de viola have the time to film vlogs or even take pictures, ou vendre bague en or telling ourselves the next trip bague en or avec topaze bleu take bague en or rose avec diamant the time to modele bague en or appreciate these top 10 Singaporean travel influencers (ranked from the highest percentage of Singaporean audience to the lowest) that let us see the world through their eyes when they travel to different countries and share it with us to enjoy these moments with them.

Rozz is an ex radio DJ who quit her job to travel the world.

In her series, Rozz Recommends, she vlogs about interesting places to visit in the world that the average Singaporean is unlikely to have gone to among other things.

Her most recent video moonrocy couleur argent cz vert cristal bracelet cubique zircone ovale feuille bijoux pour femmes 1 is a travel vlog to Cuba, where she spends time with the locals, introducing us to their homes and their lives, talking about the impact of Communism on the country erable 2000 bracelet de perles de boheme pour les femmes petit frais pierre naturelle feuilles dame and giving us helpful tips on the currency of the country as well as where to obtain Singaporean millennial necessities like Wi Fi.

You can also acquaint yourself with Rozz travels on her Instagram page.

Ivan publishes many posts of his travel adventures on his Instagram. His posts are unique because unlike many influencers who post photos and vlogs of themselves when they travel, Ivan captures pictures of people in these places too. He includes meaningful captions accompanying these pictures, allowing us to understand the moment where the photo was taken better.

Like a lot of travel influencers, Yina also owns a blog which is neatly classified into different aspects that her audience might be interested in. There is a travel section where her audience is able to get glimpses of her travel experiences.

Yina blog posts are very detailed and comprehensive, with each post talking about her entire trip as well as information about what seems like every activity she does. Additionally, what makes her travel cinily a cree rose opale de feu rose zircon rose couleur or rose en gros pour les femmes bijoux blog good for travellers when they are planning their itinerary is that she includes the address and contact number of the places that she has been to, and lots of other detailed information about parts of her trip that helps her audience in deciding whether to visit the place.

Besides filling her blog with pleasing images of her travel experiences bague en or homme gitan and interesting content, she also posts images of spectacular views of the destinations that she visited on her bague en or avec piece valeur Instagram account.

Xin Lin posts on hertravelblog feature little snippets of the activities that she did on a day to day basis during the span of her trip. While she writes about her entire travel experience in some of her posts, others merely feature a number of the more interesting things that readers could possibly do in the country. What more, they are accompanied by bague en or blanc simple beautiful images looking at these pretty pictures make you wish you were there too

Her most recent post is her Vietnam travel diary as shown above, where she separated the post into three parts corresponding to the three days on which she did the trip. As compared to Yina, mentioned above, her descriptions of her travels are often more brief, hence allowing her readers to get a quick overview of each activity rather than a longer, but more comprehensive one.

Her Instagram page also features picturesque images of her in different parts of the world, usually tagged with location tags so that her audience is able to identify where she carries out her activities, should they take a liking to what they see and wish to travel to these places in the future.

Many of Sheiryn fausse bague en or posts contain the sea, sand and sky so for those of you who are interested in beach holidays, do angelcz nigerian style africain special multicolore coeur autrichien cristal pave femmes en argent consider following her for inspiration on your holiday destinations.

Not only is she a beauty influencer, Christabel is also a known travel influencer. The visual nature of her blog allows her audience to better appreciate the beauty of her images, hence drawing many eyes to her blog.

While some travel influencers may write about their trips with a rather clinical approach, providing more information than opinion, Christabel tends to writing about how parts of her trips made her feel ocesrio turc bleu mauvais oeil bracelet a breloques argent zircon porte bonheur bracelets pour femme and, for the most part, tries to let her pictures tell the story.

If you are one who prefers to scroll through bague en or piece a series of aesthetically pleasing images instead of reading about a trip, be sure to check out Christabel blog!

Similar to Christabel, Andrea is also a beauty and travel influencer. She travels two to three times a month, blogging after her trips so that her audience can enjoy her trip with her, through the lens of the camera. Her post talks about every single activity that she does during her trip, and she includes many attractive pictures. Andrea also includes photos in the form of a collage, with the address of the locations she has visted included on the side of the collages. These collages are wonderfully done and give us a nice summary of that activity itself just at one glance.

Andrea hard bague en or homme serpent work has definitely not been unrecognised, as she has a great deal prix d une bague en or avec un napoleon of audience that are interested in her travel work. Visit her blog to interpretation des reves bague en or look at more varieties of her work!

Her Instagram page also contains photos of her trips to bague en or gravée 7 different countries, where we can admire retrouver une bague en or these beautiful and well taken shots that capture the moments so perfectly.

Daniel and Gina are a couple who share a passion for travel. This couple gave up their corporate careers to pursue their love. Going on exciting adventures and venturing to unique locations, they pen their exciting journey through blog posts and sharing Instagram posts about their adventures after. Gina is the “voice” of the blog while Daniel is the man behind the camera.

The highly detailedtravel blogof the couple gives us insights on bague en or femme 9 carats what countries to visit, what to eat, and what activities to do there. This couple often travels to interesting places in the world, hence giving us an insight into parts of the world that some of us will never visit..

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