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Hello, and welcome to a brand new Austen in August our 10th year!! AIA is collier argent quartz rose a blog event in which a group of Janeites (this includes you!) comes together to discuss, binge on, and gush over all things Austen and Austen adjacent. This month, you’ll find 4 solid weeks worth of reviews, discussions, interviews, giveaways and more hopefully enough to satisfy the Jane craving inside of you. (But is it ever really corbeille d’or bague argent satisfied)

This year, to celebrate 10 years of Austenmania here on TBR, we’re TAKING OVER THE WORLD! bague argent 925 avec pierre rose Or at least a small corner of the internet. And by bague argent a vendre this I mean: not all of this year’s bague argent tendance 2017 AIA posts will be located here on The Book Rat! There was just too much Austen love to contain. So in the schedule below, many of the posts will link to a page here on Ye Olde Blogge, but some will take you out into the wider world, to other people’s blogs and websites and youtube channels. (It’s okay, though. No stranger bague argent emeraude diamant danger, I promise!)

And if you find yourself just so inspired this month and you want to join in and pop up a post on your own blog, contact me with a link and I’ll add it into the schedule!

You can find all of that below, with a bit of a redresser bague argent sneak peek at what is coming in the first few days; from there, the schedule will be updated daily. Posts will be going up in bague argent homme et femme every morning and most afternoons or evenings every weekday (and by ‘day’ I faire ebay collier argent briller bague argent zirconium mean, what passes collier argent a graver for day in bague de fiancaille femme marc orian the Eastern US timezone, because that is where I live and work and schedule jonc collier argent things like this), and each post will include a link at the bottom that links back to this post, and looks like this:

Emma the Matchmaker by Rachel John guest review from Sophia Rose!

“The Journey Home to Pemberley” from Joana Starnes on the Jane Austen Variations site

Assignment Austen: Totally 80s

ICYMI: I reviewed one of my bague argent taille 57 all time favorite Jane Austen retellings (a completion, actually), and later reviewed a book that is not at all a Jane Austen retelling (or completion), but hit some of the same notes for me.

Saturday, August 3rd Sunday, August 4th

Part 1 of Maria Grace’s story, Lady Catherine’s Cat, goes live on the Jane Austen Variations site today, so make sure to collier argent ado fille check it out!

There bague de fiancaille femme argent are no new posts here on TBR this weekend, but to tide you over, may I suggest you join me in my Austen 80s weekend Or occupy yourself with this selection of past AIA post!

“What did Austen do in August” guest post from Shannon Winslow

Austenites take on: Character Cross Overs!

Austen Movie Throwdown: Persuasionfrom Beth

Dress Like a Janeite: a curation of fun things

Part 2 of “Lady Catherine’s Cat,” Maria Grace’s short story that is being shared throughout Austen In August, goes live today on the Jane Austen Variations blog!

Thoughts on “Why The World Needs Another Fanny Price More Than It Needs Another Elizabeth Bennet,” from Jacqueline Firkins!

GIVEAWAY of Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things by Jacqueline Firkins!

My take on the pure histoire d’or bague argent rose delightful chaos that was Northanger Abbey nettoyer bague argent avec coca (1986)

ICYMI: In other bague argent pierre saphir movie media, I viewed Pride bague argent rectangle zirconium Prejudice Zombies and had some thoughts. I also still routinely watch this hilarious and surprisingly informative Regency episode of The Supersizers Go.

Why Does Mansfield Park End Like THAT guest post from Cara at Wilde Book Garden!

Assignment Austen 2: Firsts

Misunderstood Austen: a Janeite Conversation

In Case You Missed It:

One year, I designed lookbooks for Austen characters, including this bague argent style croisette one of Emma. Still love bague argent bleu marine it, and I find the final look to be especially Emma.

I reviewed not 1, not 2, but three books by Abigail Reynolds (and probs could have kept going, tbh.)

There are no new posts here on The Book collier argent zirconium infini Rat this weekend (yay, self care!), but there are still plenty of goodies to dig into, if you’re done playing catch bague argent femme lille up with AIA so far!..

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