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5 Brutally Honest Things Every Woman Turning 40 Should Know

The major life milestone of turning 40 bague or emeraude is often a time of reflection collier perle kenya and transition. Below are five brutally honest things every woman should know whenhitting the big 4 0. Thanks to Tespo for sponsoring this post.

So you about to hit 40 your 40s, some say. And they be bague or rose entrelacé right collier perle de culture de majorque But only if you choose for these years to be fabulous see, some people believe we have the choice to live lives within our one lifetime that we presented with a fork in the road during this 40 something transition period of our lives, when we haveone seemingly simple choice: We can either get busy livingby embracing what to come in II bague or rose occasion or we can make excuses for not participating in life the way we once did and thereby get busy dying.

Take a minute right now to stop and think about this pivotal choice

Think about your parents.

Think aboutolder friends and co workers and relatives.

How have they chosen to handle their Act II

Personally, I was shocked by how easily the people I know seemed to fall under one category or the other. I immediately smiled, thinkingofmy father, who started doing triathlons in his 50s. I also thought of my mentor, Patti, who decided to follow her dreams and travel abroad to New Zealand solo in her 60s. Then my bague or saphir bleu heart sank as I thought of other people I care aboutwho fall on the opposite side of the spectrum.

If you do a bit bague or rose fred of research, one fact becomes apparent: How we respond to the changes going on with our bodies now in our 40s can greatly affect the quality and outcome of our Act II. At 40, we have to make the conscious choice to get busy bague or argent living NOW, while we still feel young and healthy.

Women begin to go through manysubtle physical changes when turning 40. To help you better bague or rose diamants maty appreciate and respond to these natural life changes, I like to share 5 brutal truths about turning 40 bague or rose pierre de lune and what each health reality means bague or rose blanc et jaune to tuto collier perle crochet you if you decide you going to choose to fully embrace your Act II and steer yourself toward healthy aging from the inside out.

Healthy Body When Turning Forty

BRUTAL TRUTH 1:The gig is up. (Yeesh. bague or pandora I said these were going to be brutal.)

WHAT THIS MEANS: We women who are 40+ need tostartshowing our bodies even more respect in orderto stay healthy.

Your body is your temple. Keep it pure bague or rose torsadé améthyste and clean for the bague or rose avec diamant soul to reside in. Iyengar

It time for us to stop eating so much processed junk and to collier perle 7 chakras embraceREAL FOOD. There are so many amazing bague or 18 carats resources for healthy eating, so many that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Not sure where to begin Checkout Essential Resources for Healthy Eating Recipes for inspiration. Here are a few more of my favorite places for getting started:

100 Days of Real Food

Super Healthy Kids

Peanut Blossom on Pinterest

You might also vendre collier perle de culture like

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Healthy Optimism at Forty

BRUTAL TRUTH 2: It already starting the dreaded M word. bague or large Even though most of us won go through menopause until 50+,our bodies start changing years before that. Here the haps: Yourestrogen levels will start to vary, the chemicals in your brain will begin to change, and all of that chaos combined with the stresses of daily life can lead to depression. Unfortunately, because women feel as though thechanges in their hormones is natural, they don seek professional help and often unnecessarily fall into an even deeper depression.

WHAT THIS MEANS: It time to start valuing the power of time. Schedule an ongoingGirls Night Out with your friends. Instead of trying to coordinate from month to month, pick a standing date to keep things simple. For example, the second Thursday of each month. Want to take it to the next level You might even consider planning a Momcation together. Don underestimate the power of friends and laughter to rejuvenate your spirits.

And if you struggle with long winters like I do, it might be time tomake your own sunshine.

Our family has built a small late winter vacation into our annual budget. One year, the girls and I went to bague or rose saphir bleu visit my parents on South Padre Island in Texas. Another time, I took a casual trip solo to Charlotte, North Carolina, to visit a friend for a long weekend. You don have to stray far from home, bague or blanc 750 though Something as simple as spending the bague or rose femme weekend inside an 80 degreelocal waterpark can also do wonders for your mood. bague or rose auchan..

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