SNL Digest: Felicity Jones (1/14/17)

Felicity Jones brings quirk and energy to the first SNL of the new year. coqueiphone With Rogue One continuing to have a good run in theaters, it makes sense for SNL to bring Felicity Jones in for the first episode of the new year. coque iphone She proved an able host, playing lots of different characters through the night and showing she was game for whatever the SNL writing staff could throw at her. coque iphone pas cher

What You Missed:

Cold Open

“I’d like to ask about your big Russian pee-pee party” Cecily as the lawyer was my favorite


Having Tina Fey make an appearance here was funny and brilliant. coque iphone pas cher

The Bachelor Beard Hunk

The constant “can I steal him for a sec?” and “mmm…I like this”, plus the little character details about the various girls made this sketch

Albee Durberry Theater

Mikey Day has created so many characters in the half a season he’s been on the show, and this sketch just added to it. coque iphone The staging on this felt innovative for SNL, which isn’t too bad for a 42 year old show

The Princess and the Curse

SNL is doing some amazing digital short-style stuff this season, all the more impressive given their quick turnaround time

The Susan B. coque iphone 2019 Anthony House

This is such a great premise for a sketch and the execution had me in stitches. coque iphone en ligne

Weekend Update: PEOTUS Press Conference

  • Michael Che on all the Trump nonsense this week helped.
  • “Every time I say his name I feel like I’m wearing suspenders”
  • Pete Davidson’s first impressions seemed spot on
  • Beck’s musical career is definitely going places.

Fandango All Access

The cast doing the standard press tour for a terrible-sounding movie called Boob Robot and also trying to tie it in to modern politics was great.

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