SNL Digest: Chris Pine (5/6/17)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Chris Pine" Episode 1723 -- Pictured: (l-r) Musical Guest James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem with host Chris Pine and Kenan Thompson pose for promos in studio 8H on May 4, 2017 -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Chris Pine surprises with a stellar first outing as SNL host. LCD Soundsystem is musical guest. I admittedly went into this episode of SNL with low expectations. Why was Chris Pine hosting (as it turns out, he’s in the new Wonder Woman movie, out soon, though why wasn’t, you know, the person playing Wonder Woman hosting?)? Of the various Hollywood Chris-es, he always seemed to be the one that people mixed up for another one (although he’s pretty great in the Star Trek films). As it turns out, he’s a pretty good SNL host, too. coque iphone 2019

What You Missed

Cold Open: Morning Joe

All I know about the Morning Joe hosts is that they’re now engaged, and this sketch did what it needed to in reminding me of that. coque iphone 6


Chris Pine is the one Chris that’s not in a Marvel movie, and this did a lovely job of explaining that through song

Where in the World is KellyAnne Conway?

THIS WAS TWO MINUTES OF PERFECTION AND I WILL NOT HEAR OTHERWISE. Chris Pine seems to be really enjoying himself as part of faux-Rockapella. coque iphone x

Song for Peace

It’s technically too late for Russia to submit this as their Eurovision entry but I still think they should try. coque iphone 8

SWAT Recon

This was just weird, but in the best possible way.

The House Seattle

Okay, the spot-on aping of MTV-style reality show editing did it for me. coque iphone

Weekend Update

  • The WU dragging of the health care bill was on point.
  • Dawn Lazarus was brilliant
  • Also good: the shredding of what happened with the Boston Red Sox this week
  • Leslie Jones could barely get through her monologue on vacation and it was magical

Auto Shop

Excellently done. coque iphone 8

Handmaid’s Tale

Chris Pine is so good as a vapid dudebro

Star Trek Lost Episode

Keenan’s Neil DeGrasse Tyson was pretty terrible (and he could barely hold it together), but this sketch was good (and Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk voice is on point.)

LCD Soundsystem: “Call the Police”/”American Dream”

I love that these guys are back after going away for 5 years, and that they made this performance area look like they were jamming in a basement. Look at that big beautiful analog synth in the back.

What You Didn’t Miss

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