Depi Evratesil: Judges Choose Week 2

July 29, 2016 0

Depi Evratesil continued its judges’ team draft as nine of 28 remaining contestants performed. Have we seen Armenia’s future Eurovision representative on stage? Previously on Depi Evratesil: we finally get some stakes to this competition as the first batch of finalists perform for a spot on a team with one of the six judges. Aram mp3 picked up Lucy and Sero Gevorgyan, filling up half of his squad. Inga Arshakyan picked up potential frontrunner Syuzanna Melqonyan while Essai Altounian snagged Opera Viva. Iveta Mukuchyan recruited Christina Mangasaryan as Hayko took a risk with Egine. Anush Arshakyan is still looking for her first team member. Here’s how things shook out in week two of round two of Depi Evratesil: Team Iveta Mukuchyan The first audition of the episode came from Vahe Aleksanyan, who auditioned in the first round with Beyonce’s “Listen” and “Rise Like a Phoenix” by Conchita Wurst. Vahe went back to the Eurovision well, opting for “Tonight Again” by Australia’s Guy Sebastian. Of the three songs he’s done so far, this one seemed to match Vahe’s vibe the best. However, unless the song has gone through a significant rewrite I wasn’t aware of, a lot of the words were wrong. He didn’t let it phase him, […]

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5 Awesome Things from the Nashville Series Finale

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The Exes and Autumn continue their tour following a two week break. Scarlett frets about reuniting with Gunnar, knowing she must declare her true feelings for him.1 He greets her backstage, saying he has something to discuss. Before he can say anything, she says she’s in love with him. Autumn waltzes in that very second and says, “Oh good, you’ve talked,” drapes her arm around Gunnar and says to Scarlett, “I really hope this isn’t gonna make things weird at all around here.” OOF. Rayna, Deacon and Daphne are in New York City for that fundraiser thingie in honor of [Read more…]

#tbt: Ukraine hosts Eurovision in 2005

July 29, 2016 0

As Ukraine gets ready to host Eurovision Song Contest for the second time, let’s look back at how the first go-round went. Entry Background Song Title: “Razom nas bahato” (Together we are many) Artist: GreenJolly Grand Final: This song finished in 19th place, which is Ukraine’s worst finish to date. Last year’s entry: “Wild Dances” – Ruslana (Winner!) Technically speaking, “Razom nas bahato” by the hip hop band GreenJolly is Ukraine’s worst Eurovision entry to date. The song finished tied for 19th in a field of 24 countries, finishing ahead of the Big Four countries. In other words, all the automatic qualifiers1 were at the bottom of the pile. What on Earth happened? There is a lot to dissect with this entry as to why it was not successful. First of all, there is a lengthy history of hip hop and rap not doing well at the Contest. Going as far back as 2010, there have only been a couple of songs with just elements of hip hop that have advanced to the final, let alone full-on rap songs that have qualified. Second, Eurovision is not a political contest2, and this song pushed that rule to the limit. “Razom nas bahato” was the unofficial […]

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Eurovision 2016 Entry: United Kingdom – Joe & Jake – “You’re Not Alone”

July 28, 2016 0

Their chances of winning may be slim, but Joe & Jake deserve better than last place at the Eurovision Grand Final. Country: United Kingdom Song Title: “You’re Not Alone” Artist: Joe & Jake Last year’s entry: “Still In Love With You” – Electro Velvet (24th Place) In the recent history of the Eurovision song competition (and really since the instigation of a semi-final system), the Big 5 (or 6) have been consistently shunted at the bottom of the final rankings, with a few exceptions.  I’m not always sure this is fair – all of these nations send good entries, and whether it’s the result of block voting or resentment, I’d argue they deserve to place higher on a more consistent basis.  Case in point: this year’s UK entry.  Okay, so the Downton Abbey meets Rave Culture aspect of last year’s “Still in Love With You” may have done more to sell frozen potato waffles than succeed in Vienna, but I thought it was enjoyable, and more importantly, fun.  After seeing internal selection fail, the UK opened it back up to the people, who selected Joe & Jake as their representative.  Does this deserve a better ranking than last year? I don’t think this […]

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Depi Evratesil: Round 3 Part 2

July 28, 2016 0

Depi Evratesil has its second half of the 2-to-1 battle rounds. Were there any surprises on who advanced to the semi-final battles? Previously on Depi Evratesil: The six teams began battling for Eurovision stardom. Two members of each team faced off in front of the professional jury for the chance to move on to the next stage of competition. Twelve acts performed, but only six survived. This week, the other half of the field will engage in their own battles. The six winners this week will meet the surviving teammates from last week for one more team battle. Here’s how things shook out in the second battle round of Depi Evratesil: Team Aram mp3: Lilit Harutyunyan vs. Jujo Lilit Harutyunyan has not been one of my favorites in this competition, but the choice to perform “Price Tag” by Jessie J may have won me over. Her vocal tone in her previous performances is not pleasant to my ears, but for some reason it works for this track. Her styling is a bit of a mixed bag: I love her hair in an updo, but the outfit she wore for the performance was not all that flattering. If the vocal tone issues are a work in progress, […]

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 Since it was unveiled by the Department of Homeland Security

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The simply sensual white lavender revitalizing body lotion smell to me reminds me of walking into a spa. There is a strong lavender scent that I love. The smell lasts for quite a while, and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. One of the problems I have with most Trojan condoms is that my head feels very jammed into them. When I try to take other condoms off, or thrust inside of my partner wearing a different type of Trojan condom, the latex sticks to the head of my penis in an uncomfortable manner. Normally, I don’t factor this [Read more…]

5 Awesome Things from Nashville – Scarlett Fakes Joy

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Luke continues his anti-homophobia crusade but now critics wonder why his gay artist is keeping quiet. So Mr. Wheeler invites Will to appear in a joint radio interview. But then Luke gets called to Fort Benning after Colt is injured and an ambivalent Will must interview solo. coque iphone pas cher Rayna and Deacon see a marriage counselor. Juliette and Noah shack up at her house (post hook-up) so they can see if they actually like each other. Avery and Layla look forward to a perfect night following their Bluebird show, but he’s too worried/jealous about Cadence/Juliette/Noah to really enjoy [Read more…]

Depi Evratesil: And the Winner Is…

July 24, 2016 0

Depi Evratesil ended Saturday with either Marta or Artsvik as Armenia’s Eurovision Song Contest representative. After more than 180 performances, Armenia’s Depi Evratesil came to a close Saturday with Team Essaï’s Artsvik winning both the jury and audience vote. The jury, which counted for 50% of the final decision, favored Artsvik 31-19. Marta, who had won the audience vote decisively in both semi-finals, could not overcome the scoring deficit. The audience favored Artsvik 40-10. Although we know who will be representing Armenia in Kiev for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, we still don’t know what the song will be. Given Artsvik’s selections throughout the series, I would expect a power ballad with a hint of R&B. If we can get something along the lines of her reimagining of Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams,” Artsvik could make Armenia a frontrunner at next year’s competition. So, did Depi Evratesil work as a format? I would say that it did. Although at times it came across as a discount version of The Voice, I appreciated that the aftermarket for the show was the end goal. Though I didn’t agree with everyone who made it to the team round, I found most of the battles intriguing and a good way of […]

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