SNL Digest: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (4/16/16)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Julia Louis-Dreyfus" Episode 1701 -- Pictured: (l-r) Bobby Moynihan and host Julia Louis-Dreyfus on April 12, 2016 -- (Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus absolutely nails her third time hosting Saturday Night Live.

Remember how there used to be a so-called “Seinfeld curse”?  I think SNL has whatever the opposite of that is this season, as its best episodes have come from former alumni of that show.  Larry David brought his A-Game, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus knocked it out of the part as well.  Every single sketch is worth checking out.

What You Missed

Democratic Debate Cold Open

Kate McKinnon’s Hilary Clinton brings me so much joy, you guys.  Keenan popping up to ask The Black Question was also great.

The slow transition from “maxing…and relaxing” into the Fresh Prince theme song.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus showing up as Elaine Benes!  Unexpected, but great.  Vanessa Bayer’s equally good Rachel from Friends made a nice reappearance as well.


JLD’s time on SNL wasn’t the most memorable, but it makes for some good monologue fodder.

Tony Hale!  Veep is so good (even if I think Amy Poehler should have gotten one of JLD’s Emmys for Best Actress in a Comedy)

Heroin AM

“Side Effects Include: It’s heroin, so all that stuff.”

Huge Jewelry

“Do you want people to notice you, but not care if it’s goood or bad”

Cecily’s “It’s crushin’ my windpipe” had me in stitches

The Pool Boy

Pete’s oblivious pool boy was great.

Cinema Classics: Marla Bartlett

The heightening of this sketch was perfectly balanced by the short length.  The more and more ridiculous places for the lines to be hidden.  Props to Taran and Kate for playing along with this excellently.

Mercedes AA Class

This is such a beautifully ridiculous idea executed perfectly.

Weekend Update

  • Keenan and Jay’s Charles Barkley and Shaq are always welcome to me
  • Said her boyfriend, “You are MAKING US LATE.”
  • Animal Annie was fantastically dark. #iguanaboyfriend
  • One-dimensional Female Character!  The ending on this one was fantastic.
    “Then I’ll go get hotdogs without any help”

Who Works Here?

This is very true to my CVS experience and why I always choose the self-checkout.  Also, Leslie Jones!  Why hasn’t she been in more stuff this episode?

Meet n’ Match

YES.  That is all.

Okay, that’s not all.  Beck was fantastic as the dating event host.


“Angel in Denim: The Kim Davis Story” is a movie that’s happened already, right?

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