The Librarians and the Magical U-Poo

The Librarians (Screen: TNT)
The Librarians (Screen: TNT)

U-Poo, I poo, we all poo for … Prospooro?

After Flynn recovers the last of the magical artifacts that need to be protected from Prospero, he returns to the Library to find that everyone’s having some memory issues. Specifically, he’s the only one who remembers that Eve is the Guardian, and that Ezekiel, Stone, and Cassandra are Librarians. It’s up to Flynn — with help from an embodied Ariel and a well-place U-Poo portable toilet — to bring the Librarians back to their sense before a final showdown with Prospero in the final episode of the season.

The magical, mystical, legend/artifact/thingie:

Cicely Island in Washington state, population 2,000 and home to a university and FBI field office, owns a 16-foot-tall totem pole / tourist attraction which is not particularly historic but has gone missing anyway.

Into which wrong hands might it fall?

The totem pole is not a magical item unto itself, but it does serve as the focus for Prospero’s spell. He’s placed everyone into their own happily-ever-after, providing them with their wildest dreams as distraction while he completes his plan to take over the world. In order to restore the Guardian and Librarians to their normal lives so they can stop Prospero, Flynn and Ariel will need to find the totem pole and get the others to renounce their happy endings.

Teamwork makes the team work:

For a while, it looks like Flynn and Ariel are the team-of-the-week; they work together to convince Eve et al that their current lives are a lie (and a bad lie at that). At the end, though, it’s Flynn and Eve1 who figure out that Flynn is under the spell, too. All of them get a share of the credit in my book.2

Giddily ridiculous moment of the week:

The fact that the portable toilet in the park is a “U-Poo” brand. (A whole lot of this episode’s doors made use of bathrooms — the ladies’ room in Cicely’s version of the Library and the U-Poo, each used multiple times. I wouldn’t necessarily call that part giddy, but it is pretty ridiculous, especially when consider what onlookers must think when seeing 5 people rush into a single U-Poo.)

The science checks out:

Everyone else who was under the spell had a talisman that had to be destroyed in order to break the spell — even Flynn, who had to sacrifice his pocket watch. But somehow Jenkins gets cured without having to destroy a thing or tell his story?

Dewey decimal? Do we ever!

I’ll be interested to see how the final episode wraps this up; honestly, after last week’s great episode, this one felt very much like filler. We learn a little bit about what might be lurking in Eve’s head … does she really want to be married to Moriarty in her happily ever after? … but otherwise this is a bit of a throwaway episode. My #unpopularopinion of the week is that Noah Wyle should be written out at this point. Every time he’s featured, all the other characters have to take a step back, to the detriment of the show’s overall cohesion. Plus there’s not much more to his storyline at this point than “Flynn and Eve are on again / off again.”

  1. mostly Eve  
  2. #teamFAE  

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  • Mary E Brewer

    Well the part of people not noticing anything that was going on around them on campus was part of the storyline. it was like the whole campus was under a spell.. I thought the C-U-poo port-al potty as i called it was hilarious because of the name and that it was a “portable potty” LOL .. I agree abt Flynn and how the rest of the cast take a back seat when he is around.. especially Stone..Hopefully in season 3 we will see a change in that..! Thanks!

  • lynbam

    Not enuf Stone in this episode…Love the Librarians!!

  • Mary Lynne Schuster

    I think you are right – I would love to see more of the team, especially interactions between any two. I liked the little moment between Jake and Eve and they introduced each other; you can feel how they all like to work together. And Flynn does tend to fill up any scene he’s in. I read in an interview that he finished up some other project so he might be on more next season. Hopefully they will find a way to balance.

  • Louise Shive

    I agree with your opinion that Noah Wyle isn’t necessary. Let’s have more of the talented Christian Kane!