The Librarians Go to the Club

A very hungover Cassandra, played by Lindy Booth. (Screen: TNT)
A very hungover Cassandra, played by Lindy Booth. (Screen: TNT)

“The Librarians And the Image of Image” brings a high-school reading list mainstay into the 21st century. You can find them in the club …

The Librarians are on the conference circuit in London when things start to go sideways without warning from Clippy; people are getting hurt and/or dying under mysterious circumstances, with their only apparent connection being a nightclub. Jenkins deploys the Librarians (and eventually arrives himself) to the club to go shorty, it’s your birthday — er, find the culprit sipping Bacardi like it’s your birthday …

The magical, mystical, legend/artifact/thingie:

A huge digital collage that transfers harm from the person depicted in the aggregate image onto the people in the individual photos.

Into which wrong hands might it fall?

Why, Dorian Gray’s! Technically speaking, though, it’s already in DG’s hands, so the trick this time is destroying it before he destroys Cassandra. Technically speaking again, it’s not in Gray’s hands at all, but in The Cloud1. So, good luck with that.

Teamwork makes the team work:

Ezekiel and Stone save a potential victim by creating a makeshift AED out of industrial kitchen utensils. This ends with Stone writhing on the floor in pain. Admit it: you’re shocked.

Later, Eve and Jenkins keep Dorian occupied while Ezekiel reverses the focus, creating a picture of Eve using collaged images of Dorian. Stone pitches in by getting thrown out of the club, and Cassandra by throwing up. It’s a full team effort!

Giddily ridiculous moment of the week:

Jenkins: “I’ll have you know that Steak-Hips Tucker and I danced together at the Cotton Club. And, I performed naked, onstage, with The Magic Tramps at CBGB’s.”

Baird: “That’s just gonna live in my head now.”

See also: those updated takes on faux-historical looks the Librarians wear to the club. Especially Baird, who has the best hair I’ve ever seen on this show.

The science checks out:

“Most blokes waste their time trying to fool the retinal scanners. Me? I hacked the company that makes the scanners, and installed my own scans onto the software as a back door.” That’s … actually pretty clever, and about as real-world a scenario as this show can do. Except for, you know, the retina imaging tools Ezekiel apparently has just laying around.

Also on the edge of realism this episode: “the world’s fastest hangover” hitting Cassandra like a ton of bricks as she comes out of her Gray-induced drunken stupor.

Dewey decimal? Do we ever!

Lots of great one-liners in this episode to enjoy, but my favorite moment might be the heart-to-heart / “pep-talk” Eve, Stone, and Ezekiel have while Cassandra’s infirming in sunglasses plus a matching robe and slippers combo on a desk in the background.

I also love the bits of added complexity sprinkled throughout this episode. Dorian taunts Eve about her loneliness and apparent lack of worth compared to Librarians, but Jenkins shows up just in time to prevent any further discussion or unpacking. Later we learn the Clipbook only deals in new information, and so didn’t-slash-couldn’t warn the group of the existing centuries-old threat. This is not a show built on nuance, but even small changes or additions to the usual formula can pay off in later episodes.

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  • Love the storyline about Jake Stone (Christian Kane) not being able to get into the nightclub and how he distracted the bouncer.. too funny!! loving The Librarians!

  • that summary is awesome 🙂 made me smile 🙂 thank you! poor jake and his bad luck in most episodes 🙂