Survivor Cambodia Second Chance Recap: Which Witch is Which?

Joe tries to set fire to the rain during an immunity challenge on Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance Episode 9: “Witches Coven” — The game goes through some table setting following last episode’s hidden immunity idol use.

Previously on Survivor Second Chance: Everything post-merge was going along swimmingly for the main alliance of nine, having voted out Kass and clearly demonstrating that Abi, Ciera, and Kelley (ACK!) were on the bottom. Joe won immunity again and a coup to get rid of Stephen failed. Ciera continued to try to get people to play a game instead of following herd mentality, but no one was biting. Kelley successfully read the room and used her hidden immunity idol to prevent her ouster and send Andrew Savage home. It was pretty dang cool.


Orkun, night 21. People congratulate Kelley on surviving tribal council, some even calling her a badass. I think that’s one of the reasons why this season of Survivor is working so well: the people playing are not jerks and seem to be fully aware that they are playing a game rather than taking every single thing personally. The warm fuzzies quickly vanish when Kimmi talks with her people and says that she wants the witches and their coven out of the game. First off, Amanda/Parvati/Cerie already used the witches metaphor for their season, so zero points for originality. Second, what’s the purpose of tearing down gameplay with sexist language, ma’am? Third, this gives Fishbach license to draw out the MacBeth metaphor — which he does — and allows me the opportunity to match Ciera’s eyeroll skills. Shush, both of you.

The next day, thanks to Kelley confirming that there are idols in play, everyone starts to go treasure hunting for their own idol. Jeremy, who already has an idol, would really like a second one since Savage was one of his shields. Kelley interviews that she hopes the paranoia about idols will start to eat away at the core group. I like Kelley.

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