5 Awesome Things from Nashville: Judge-y Rayna Face

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

So much bad behavior in this episode! We should all be wearing a judge-y Rayna face.

In case there was any doubt in your mind, Jeff’s dead. RIP, buddy.1 Since Juliette was blackout wasted when it happened, she has no recollection of her suicide attempt or Jeff’s valiant, fatal rescue… and really, really doesn’t care that he’s gone. The cops assume Jeff committed suicide, which Layla cannot fathom. Colt saw what really happened and tells Luke, but Dad knows he got drunk that night and doesn’t totally believe him. Plus, Luke’s manager/sex buddy Gabrielle advises him to keep Colt quiet because the truth would be PR poison for their nascent lifestyle brand. Then Juliette tells the press she’s in a bad mood because her manager killed himself, so that takes care of that. Their tour heads back to Nashville, where Luke and Juliette are scheduled to do a pre-show tribute to Jeff.

Rayna freaks out when she learns Deacon bought a bar with his (now former) AA sponsor, Frankie, because she worries he’s gonna fall off the wagon. Scarlett chops off all her hair and transforms into a no-nonsense badass. She dives into intense tour prep — much to Dr. Caleb’s chagrin2 — and calls Gunnar out for trying to hire sex buddy Erin as their sound tech. Gunnar second-guesses his offer to Erin, especially after Will points out that he’s trying to turn her into his girlfriend. But Erin insists they can keep their work and sex lives separate, so he tells Scarlett they should hire her anyway. Oh, Gunnar.

Will’s in a crabby mood since Kevin dumped him but won’t tell anyone what happened. Avery keeps a brave face, even though he’s still wearing his wedding ring for appearances while shopping for a divorcĂ©e apartment. Oh, the heartache! (More of that drama in a minute.) Here are five awesome things from the last Nashville

Judge-y Rayna Face Deacon is spectacularly oblivious to the unease written on Rayna’s face when he first brings her to The Beverly. Seriously, these are her best contorted expressions since that time she filmed the terrible Christmas special with Luke. Anyway, she eventually tells Deacon she won’t come to his bar and a very emotional fight ensues. This doesn’t stop him from enjoying a successful opening night – yay, Deacon! Rayna confides her feels in Bucky, who urges her to have more faith in their relationship. She visits Deacon after his show, they make up, and she agrees to support his new project even though it scares her. Is this the first time Deacon’s right and Rayna’s wrong? Exciting!

Colt’s the Hero I used to hate this spoiled brat, but he’s been a nice boyfriend to Maddie. Oh also, HE OWNS EVERY SCREWED UP ADULT HERE. First he gives his dad shit for not telling Layla that Jeff didn’t kill himself, because this lie is truly messing with her mind. Luke keeps harping on the fact he was drunk at the time, which is such BS because 1) he was more hungover than wasted when it happened and 2) maybe if Luke had been with him instead of sexing his manager, Colt wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get smashed.

Colt gets fed up with being silenced, so he barges into Juliette’s dressing room and calls her a liar – “I saw you on the roof with Jeff!” So that’s her first inkling that she should feel TERRIBLE. Only after she fully remembers and confesses to Luke does he finally believe his son. Still, he tries telling Colt they’re gonna keep the real story on the DL because it’s better for Jules. “Better for her or for your brand?” Colt snaps back. Yeeeeeessss. Ruin him, Colt. Please, spare the world a line of Luke Wheeler dad jeans.

A Couple of Sad Sacks Will tells Avery about breaking up with Kevin and asks how he keeps going in light of his divorce from Juliette. The answer, of course, is single dads don’t have time to be sad. But the second Avery starts reflecting on what it means to be “letting go of forever,” he starts weeping. Then Cadence starts crying, so it’s time to jump back into dad mode! Not this time. Will pats his buddy on the back and says, “I got her,” so Avery can have a proper sob fest. OMG I’ve never loved Will so much. Later, he and Avery jam out on a lullaby and decide to stay roomies while Gunnar’s on tour. Then they drink up Gunnar’s beer. This sweet little story just keeps getting better and better!

Finally, something nice happens for Layla Here are all the ways Layla gets screwed in this episode:

  • Boyfriend dies in inexplicable suicide, right before they were supposed to move in together.
  • Boyfriend’s sister forbids her from attending funeral.
  • Comes home to all her stuff packed in boxes, because boyfriend had already called the movers. OMG she has to unpack, too?!3
  • Asks Juliette to put in a good word with boyfriend’s fam so she can attend the funeral. Jules’s response? “I’m gonna do you a favor and not contact his family, because it’s not gonna do you any good.”
  • Watches Jules give coldest, lamest pre-concert tribute to boyfriend imaginable.

ARGH! Well, when Jules suddenly remembers what really happened, she gets stage fright and hauls ass to her dressing room. Enter Layla, who gives a proper musical tribute to boyfriend for all of Luke and Juliette’s fans and they LOVE her. Yay! Sorry your life sucks, Layla. But at least now Glen can become your manager, and you’ll probably be way nicer to him than Juliette was.

Juliette hits rock bottom During this episode, it’s important to keep in mind two things – 1) Juliette doesn’t remember her suicide attempt or Jeff’s death, and 2) Jeff was mostly a terrible person. She’s so horribly callous, especially toward Layla, that I had to keep reminding myself of those things or I might have started to hate her. But once Jules remembers Jeff saving her, she immediately asks Luke for help and Gabrielle takes her to rehab. Finally! Just when my empathy was hitting rock bottom. And if this means more Deacon/Juliette recovery bonding, all the better.

  1. He was the grodiest of villains, but Oliver Hudson did a great job portraying the creepy corporate scumbag and I will miss his skeevy presence.  
  2. This guy is turning out to be really uncool.  
  3. Will takes care of it, because he’s the new Rayna mensch, apparently.  

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