Survivor Cambodia Second Chance Recap: Flipped Off

Kelly Wigglesworth chats with Andrew Savage about Survivor: Cambodia, Second Chance.
Survivor: Cambodia (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance Episode 8: “You Call, We’ll Haul” — Status quo becomes “Status: whoa!” At Tribal Council. (Sorry.)

Previously on Survivor Second Chance: Ta Keo and Bayon merged and thirteen folks scrambled to get an edge in the numbers. Joe seemed like a prime target for everyone to agree on as a potential first boot, but then he went on to win immunity. Kass thinks it might be time to make a move against Tasha when it is obvious that the dominant alliance of nine will be splitting their vote. Unfortunately, even Kass’s fellow bottom-dwellers can see the writing on the wall and Khaos Kass got the Kibosh.


Orkun Day 20. Savage interviews that he thought Tribal Council went exactly to plan, completely sidestepping the fact that he received a vote. Jeremy says he wasn’t too fond of Ciera’s comments about people playing to win, which he interprets as “get rid of the guys.” In a game where there’s only one winner, I think it’s safe to assume that the plan is to get rid of anyone, but feel free to stick to the stupid gender lines this show loves to draw.

Speaking of Ciera, she and Stephen chat on the beach about their mutual interest of getting rid of Joe. Ciera sees this as an opportunity to make inroads with someone in the dominant alliance. Stephen sees this as an opportunity to dismantle the brodown which seems to be the touchpoint of all his insecurities in the game. Fun?

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