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The Librarians (Facebook: TNT)
The Librarians (Facebook: TNT)

Such are promises, all lies and jest — still a Stone hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest

After focusing on Flynn, Eve, and the season’s big baddies for the past two hours, it’s time to turn our attention back to the new Librarian trio with a villain-of-the-week episode.

The magical, mystical, legend/artifact/thingie:

Hokolonote, a shapeshifting trickster god, is released when an oil rig company — which just so happens to belong to Stone’s father — starts digging on an ancient Choctaw burial ground. The trickster shifts into the shape of people nearby to cause confusion, and feeds on the lies and chaos that results.

Into which wrong hands might it fall?

If the shapeshifter gains enough energy, it will be able to escape the worksite and run rampant around the world, causing wars and leaving other violent chaos in its wake. This would be Very Bad, Indeed.

Teamwork makes the team work:

With Hokolonote feeding on their lies (of commission AND omission), the Librarians are forced to tell each other Truths — not just things that are true, but Truths that have emotional weight. To finalize the re-imprisonment of Hokolonote, Stone and Cassandra share their Truths about what happened in Peru. Stone left the group after Peru because he was afraid of failure; Cassandra left because she wanted to prove she could do the job on her own.

Giddily ridiculous moment of the week:

#1: “However, the basic type [of shapeshifter] you are familiar with from your adolescent taste in cinema migrated, mainly to Finland, in the early 90s. Big fans of curling.”

#2: To keep Hokolonote’s prison cell open until they can force the trickster back in, someone has to keep telling Truths (and another someone has to be there to witness them). Cassandra and Ezekiel are paired up for the job, but instead of taking turns, Cassandra spends the whole time running back and forth dropping Truths all over the place while Ezekiel plays with a flashlight. “I have an irrational fear of ravioli. / I’ve always wanted to be Vietnamese. / Oh, and I hate babies. Like, I HATE them.” Later, we catch the tail end of a Truth: “…and I watched the light go out of his eyes…”

The science checks out:

Although there are plenty of myths and legends involving trickster gods, shapeshifters, and poltergeists — there is no legendary being called Hokolonote.1

Dewey decimal? Do we ever!

This episode had a bunch of great character development for Stone. Turns out he’s a pretty insecure guy after all, publishing work under a series of aliases because he’s afraid of failure. We learned a little bit about Cassandra, too — but Ezekiel remains a relatively flat character. His big Truth reveal is that he once worked for MI-6, stealing from Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Given he’s a thief, that is neither much of a secret, nor much of a surprise.

  1. Sad trombone.  

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  • Mary E Brewer

    I must confess i am no science whiz or great reader of literature but still find The Librarians a wonderfully fun and entertaining show while being a very smart show too! thanks for sharing!