Survivor Cambodia Second Chance Recap: Controlled Chaos

Kass, Ciera, and Stephen are all part of the newly merged tribe on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance
Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance Episode 7: “Play to Win” — Ta Keo and Bayon are officially no more as the two tribes merge. Unofficially, one tribe tries to avoid splintering.

Previously on Survivor Second Chance: Terry Deitz was pulled from the game because his son needed an emergency heart transplant. Get well soon, Dan! With 14 players in the mix, the show decided to do a mini-merge by disbanding Angkor (WAT?) and redistributing Ta Keo and Bayon. New Ta Keo lost immunity, with Savage trying to lead the way in getting rid of Spencer by calling Ciera a decoy. Ciera was all “NOPE” and shared her concern with Kass. Although Kass wasn’t into working with her former nemesis Spencer, she did like the idea of being in the position of swing vote. Kass decided to swing with Ciera, voting out Woo.


It’s raining at Ta Keo on Day 17. Kass comments that the layers of relationship in this particular version of Survivor has made navigation challenging. Meanwhile, Savage pouts in an interview that he is disappointed by the lying. You mean like lying to Spencer that you were voting off Ciera? Back at the camp, he tries to confront the opposition with his tail between his legs, promising in front of everyone that he will never vote for Spencer. I’m not sure what Savage’s end game plan is, but he is making himself quite unvoteable. Eh.

Over at Bayon, Kimmi and Keith return to camp with a scroll instructing the tribe to get ready for a visit from Ta Keo. Ta Keo gets a similar message, though they are told to pack up and pay Bayon a visit. FOlks are dubious about there being a merge with 13 players. Kass tells people to find the crack in the other tribe to secure their position in the game. Credits.

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