Nice Tree of Knowledge Y’got There

We were looking for a full cast photo, but... c'mon. (The Librarians, photo courtesy TNT)

Be a shame if somethin’ *happened* to it.

After saving New York from Prospero’s storm1 the librarians hit the road and the stacks in search of Prospero’s titular broken staff. Turns out Prospero could care less about the kindling – he’s got his eye on a new vessel for his fictional might… right back in the library. In the end, our antagonists are stymied but slip away, things are getting back to normal(ish) inside the building, and Baird and Flynn… are taking a breather? But they were legitimately cute together!

The magical, mystical, legend/artifact/thingie:

Is your old staff looking a little… broken? Don’t fall in for those cheap glues and polishes – just hew yourself a new one out of the Tree of Knowledge! The very Tree of Knowledge at the very heart of the very library!

Into which wrong hands might it fall?

See above.

Teamwork makes the team work:

Everyone gets something to do but the focus this week is on the Librarian amongst librarians, the Guardian, and whatever Jenkins title is. (How embarrassing. Normally I know these sorts of things.2) The reality has always been when Flynn’s in town the dynamic trio becomes glorified gophers. And that’s fine in this episode – we don’t really need a hacker, an art historian, or a synesthete per se, and they all got to do some character specific stuff last hour.

On the other hand, Baird and Flynn each got to play to their strengths in the climactic duel with Prospero and Moriarty – it would have been nice to feel some more depth of character in other exchanges.

Baird breaks Jenkins out of a magic ice cube by smashing it with a weapon of some kind:
“What? The job isn’t all about obscure knowledge, people!”

Giddily ridiculous moment of the week:

Emergency alert/blaring alarm system is hooked up to a Clapper.3 Even Jones careful reading of the manual missed that fact.

The science checks out:

Cassandra: When this happens in the movies, don’t they try to, like, override the elevators or something?
Jenkins: Indeed, they do, yes, but in the movies, usually, the elevators were made *after* the Reformation.

Dewey decimal? Do we ever!

For an episode with fairly absurdly high stakes this second half felt thin.4 With the bulk of the action taking place inside the newly reconstituted library, I’m surprised there wasn’t more name dropping during the probem solving, Warehouse 13 style.

Also, Noah Wylie and Lindy Booth remain the only cast members to consistently understand how to deliver these lines, and one of them just took his annual plot-and-budget-reason-hiatus.

Still – there are artifacts to be found and fictional baddies turned real to deal with. Prospero as this season’s big bad ain’t half bad – he decreases the chance we’ll see Morgan back, which is disappointing, but the opportunity to draw from a rogues gallery of literary archetypes is enticing.5

Bring on the fun. And let’s see what Frankenstein’s monster is up to these days!

  1. Decent band name.  
  2. Or know how to use Google. – voice in my head Shut up! – other voice  
  3. This was wonderfully buried in the midst of a rapid-fire scene of great dialogue and please show more of those please yes?  
  4. Upon rewatching there weren’t many slow spots, so that’s promising.  
  5. Plus the Shakespeare connection *increases* the chance I was right.  

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  • I hate to admit it, but I also was enjoying the Flynn/Eve flirtiness! Although I also recognize there’s only so long they could drag out the “will they / won’t they” kissing / sexy times teasers.

    I really hope that Frankenstein’s monster will return later in the season, looking all handsome, to save the day for the Librarians in return for their letting him out into the world. We could use a little HULK SMASH-type action in this story (although I recognize that is another character entirely).